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Today is the Anniversary of the Woodstock Festival and the Release of a New Novel that Relives that Weekend in 1969

Relive the hippie movement as they end the 1960's

Back cover showing original Woodstock tickets

A New Novel, "We are Woodstock," by Glenn Eldridge tells the story of the Woodstock Festival from a Spectator's Point of View

The New York State Thruway is closed, man.
— Arlo Guthrie
HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, August 15, 2016 / -- This new book "We are Woodstock" by Glenn Eldridge is interesting because the concept of this novel is from a spectator's point of view and puts the reader right on the grounds of the biggest Rock & Roll concert of all time. The character in this novel meets Jerry Garcia, John Sebastian, Max Yasgur, whose farm the festival is being held on and Wavy Gravy before he got that name. Fun facts are woven into the story making it interesting, informative and fun.

The release of this novel is on the 47th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival and there is no better way to learn about that incredible weekend then to go back there. In this new novel, that's exactly what the author does; he takes you back. "We are Woodstock" is as much a coming of age story, as it is the telling of a generation that is preparing to leave the 60s. (

The Synopsis:

It's the summer of '69 in up-state New York. The main character has quit his job and his girlfriend just dumped him, but nothing is going to stop him from going to the Woodstock Festival. He travels with two friends to Yasgur's Farm in Bethel, New York, on the eve of the event. They have no idea that a half-million people will attend or that Governor Rockefeller will declare the farm a disaster area. The weather will also not co-operate, but one of the thing that will shine this weekend, besides meeting a couple of musical artists, is the appearance of Gail, a free-spirited flower child, who will become his new love interest. (

The concert, held at an Aquarian Exposition, is filled with a who's who of artists that represent the music of this hippie generation. Learn about the performances, some behind the scene shenanigans, and the future of some of the stars. From Richie Havens to Jimi Hendrix, the reader will be there. Even to hear Arlo Guthrie's famous announcement. Through the pages of this historical fiction novel, experience the Woodstock Festival: 3 Days of Peace & Music. Did I mention there is also sex, drugs and rock & roll? Only one thing is sure . . . It was the greatest Rock & Roll concert of all time. (

An excerpt from "We are Woodstock":

It’s dark, but I can see the silhouettes of the hippies’ heads, and there are also a lot of lit joints glowing like lightning bugs in the night. We are trying to get to the stage, but then we reach a dead end, a complete stand still, she yanks my hand and continues forward and starts shouting out my name as she moves onward. We start to get a little momentum as we keep moving forward and closer to the stage. She cries out my name again.

The crowd is opening up like the Red Sea as she continues yelling my name in search of me. We finally get as far as we can, which is two rows from the stage. At this point she spins around and puts her arms around my neck and kisses me. Now I can see what she had seen through the binoculars. On the stage, written on the drum is “The Who.” She remembered they were the one group I really wanted to see. Then comes an announcement,

“Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please show your appreciation, they came to us especially for this show, please warmly welcome The Who!”

"We are Woodstock"
By Glenn Eldridge
Softcover / 5' x 8' / 200 pages / ISBN 9780982995013
Available at Amazon and

If you have any questions or comments: info(at)WeAreWoodstock(dot)com

About the Author
Glenn A. Eldridge was born in 1950 and grew up in the Bronx, New York. His love of Rock & Roll music was cultivated in New York City, where he saw an endless number of artists at such places as the Fillmore East, Central Park, Greenwich Village, and Madison Square Garden. As a youngster, he always dabbled in writing poetry. In 2008 he had a reading of a play called, The Many Loves of Bert. In 2011 he self-published, The $5,000 Trivia Treasure Hunt Challenge. Most recently he had a reading of a ten minute play, The Mysterious Room. He now lives in Houston, Texas and has just finished his first novel.

Glenn Eldridge
We are Woodstock
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