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Real Estate Attorney in Ramat Gan Offering a Free Evaluation of Non-Paying Tenants Eviction

Many property owners only seek legal counsel after signing agreements that are to their disadvantage. As a result, they are often compelled to allow tenants to remain on their properties without pay."
— Amihai Zelcer esq.
RAMAT GAN , ISRAEL, ISRAEL, August 2, 2016 / -- Owning rental property is quite often the first step on the path to financial freedom for many people. However, for an unlucky few, everything turns sour when they have to deal with non-paying tenants and the only recourse is to evict the offending tenant.

Moving out a tenant who refuses to pay rent for a property within Israel can be a tedious process which, if not handled appropriately and competently by a specialized real estate attorney, could drag on for years. The reason for this is that Israeli property law only allows a brief eviction window after which a landlord can only remove a non-paying tenant via a court order.

“Israel’s many complicated laws relating to property and, in particular, real estate, often require that a landlord enlists the services of a specialist real estate lawyer,” says Amihai Zelcer, founder of the Zelcer Law Firm. “Unfortunately, many property owners and landlords only realize this and seek legal counsel after signing tenancy agreements that are to their disadvantage.”

Zelcer says that numerous landlords have been left in the unenviable position of having to put up with tenants living on their properties free-of-charge, while legal proceedings slowly took their course.

Amihai adds, “As professional Property and Real Estate Attorneys, we understand the importance of ensuring that evictions and claims procedures follow laid out legal guidelines to ensure our clients limit their exposure to legal action by non-paying tenants. This is why we offer a free evaluation to landlords with troublesome tenants.”

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