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FreedomFest Panelists Take on Tax Reform in July

FreedomFest Panel "Why Every Attempt At Tax Reform Has Failed...And How to Fix it"

It's Time to Solve, Not Manage, Our Nation's Tax Code Problem

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2016 / -- FreedomFest 2016 is happening this week! Continue your celebrations of freedom and our nation's inception and join us at Planet Hollywood, July 13-16 for the “world’s largest gathering of free minds.” FreedomFest producers Mark and Jo Ann Skousen are excited to offer a skilled and stimulating slate of panels and speakers that will not only entertain but also inform, incite and inspire.

For example, Jack Boyle, Co-Founder of Put Growth First, Geoffrey Lawrence, Assistant Controller for the State of Nevada, Dr. Timothy Nash, VP of Corporate Alliances for Northwood University, Kelley Miller, attorney with Reed Smith LLP, Robin Koerner, Founder of the Blue Republican and Author of "If You Can Keep It," and Dan Johnson, Executive Director of the Tax Revolution Institute, are members of the distinguished panel of experts who will address the question: “Why Every Attempt At Tax Reform Has Failed," and most importantly will share with FreedomFest attendees “just how to fix it.”

This is not your usual tax reform panel – This is FreedomFest, and the rousing tax reform panel will not be talking about the FairTax, or the Flat Tax, or abolishing the IRS. Instead, the speakers will conduct a serious conversation about what is never discussed in tax reform policy with the public, including the role of states in sharing the burden, how partisanship is killing us, why transition plans are needed, the role of the Federal Reserve, how Federal agencies are holding tax reform back and, much more.

Panelist Dan Johnson is looking forward to bringing this important discussion to FreedomFest and said, "FreedomFest hosts some of the nation's top critical thinkers and liberty lovers, so it's the perfect place to get serious about a tax revolution and real revolutionary tax reform."

The Tax Revolution Institute asserts that the United States has not adopted serious tax reform since the Civil War. In fact, the closest to real reform was in 1986 and yet over 20 years later the tax code has only grown larger and more complicated. This colossal evolution of code is evidence of the urgent need for solutions. Johnson believes that it is “frankly time to solve, not manage, our nation's tax code problem.”

It’s not too late to register to attend FreedomFest and participate in shaping solutions for the nation’s most vexing problems with the “best and the brightest” thinkers from around the world. Join the Tax Revolution Institute at FreedomFest in Sunset Rooms three and four, Friday, July 15, at 2:30 p.m. Click to register now.

The Tax Revolution Institute (TRI) is dedicated to promoting transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels of the U.S. tax system while researching and developing simple and innovative tax reform solutions to advance freedom and prosperity for all Americans. TRI was created to solve – not manage – problems in our tax system, in pursuit of the freedom and prosperity of all Americans. Their leadership and staff have diverse backgrounds and political persuasions but are united by the conviction that Americans need a better tax system that works for all of us. Join in a Tax Revolution! Learn more about the Tax Revolution at

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