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Stealing towels - it's a real problem for hotels

Locker for towels - guests pay for room, not for hotel linen

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS, USA, July 8, 2016 / -- When guests find comfort in a hotel room, they want to tuck everything in the bag and run away with it. Guests have to behave decently especially in the case of stealing towels.
It happens with many guests and the ones having a luxury stay will definitely perform such acts. It is entirely wrong because guests pay for the room to have a cozy and comfortable stay but are not entitled to the hotel stuff. From large hotel chains to 2-star hotels all have reported about the theft of stealing towels, bathrobes, hangers, mattress covers, bed sheets and everything they find in the room.
The things especially the toiletries which cannot be reused can be taken with them but not the linen. When any guest checks out from the hotel, the staff cannot go through or check the possession of their guest so, in this regard, the hotels have become smart enough to introduce automated RFID locker for towels, bathrobes, and other linen stuff. The microchips are embedded in the laundry material which helps to keep track of all the hotel belongings. When any guest checks out, the entrance has a scanner which scans the microchips and alerts the hoteliers with the light and sound alarming system.
Towel theft is now considered as a crime and more than 68 percent of people claim to linen theft. The hotel recreation areas now have RFID locker for towels. The cabinet consists of two separate section and can only be used by the authorized members with embedded chip cards. One section is for the clean while other for the used or dirty towels. Cabinet informs with its display and light alarming system that the cabinet needs to be refilled. All of the towels have chips which can be tracked.
All the items in the cabinet will have microchips. The technology has been introduced by Fresh US and proved to be useful in many ways like keeping count of all the linen items and printing a receipt of the record. The technology is making the stealing towels impossible with the help of anti-steal function.

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