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Book the best doctors in Egypt The Biggest Healthcare Platform In Egypt and MEA Region

CAIRO, EGYPT, June 26, 2016 / -- Disrupting Healthcare in the MENA region
Throughout the last decade, with the rise of technology solutions to meet the demands of the fast lives we are all leading, more and more communication channels and services are offered to and adopted by people all around the world, the ease and convenience brought to lives are just fascinating. Technology transformed all businesses and services, but somehow seemed to stop at healthcare, where then the patient has to add up to his own suffering the problems of finding and booking an appointment with the most trusted doctor, until was launched in 2013, introducing a digital platform that provides various solutions and overcomes the challenges that occur in the traditional process of handling healthcare.
Why do we need to change the healthcare system?
According to Oxford Business Group, Egypt is facing a rising public demand for a broader range of healthcare services, caused by the growth of the population and patient demand, the current healthcare system seems to be growing and developing in a traditional direction that might be incapable of improving the services and meeting the public demand.
According to World Economic Forum and the OECD, “Treatment Demand” in the MENA region will increase to 240% within nine years, causing an extreme change in healthcare in Egypt. Population growth and the increase of patient demand urge for a quick growth in the healthcare industry and a noticeable improvement in the quality of services. Both objectives cannot be fulfilled by the slowly developing traditional services. Even though facilities are being constantly established, the patient's’ cycle still faces crucial obstacles that interrupt their treatment and often well-being and turns the doctor’s visit into one of the most inconvenient experiences. is changing the industry
As the process of finding and booking a doctor faces several obstacles and challenges, developed a service that will spare healthcare parties (Patients and Doctors) a lot of time and difficulties that impede their health and work respectively. was first initiated by a vibrant team that had a clear aspiring vision of how healthcare should be in Egypt. As the company was introduced to the market, it instantly became one of the most remarkable success stories that touch the details of the daily lives of patients.
Vezeeta Book, the most renowned service by, gives patients the opportunity to read other patients’ reviews of the doctor, learn about their academic qualifications, and experience. Our main concern is to add transparency to the process to offer patients a reliable platform to facilitate and significantly improve their experience.
Also, Vezeeta-Care was developed in order to follow up with patients through free customized SMS texts, reminding them of their medications, follow-up visits, vaccines, and all what might concern the patient’s health. Doctors can customize care plans and send almost daily text messages to patients for free, and make sure that their patients are fully informed about their conditions.
All of the previous services include a subscription of Vezeeta Scheduler which sends patients and doctors notifications with their appointments, in addition to a daily schedule with all appointments sent to doctors every morning. These services help doctors and patients save a lot of time and prevent any miscommunication regarding appointments.
Due to the lack of awareness of health issues, Vezeeta started developing a health platform that presents credible and easily digested content about different conditions and lifestyle habits, as well as launching campaigns related to the health concerns of the public. The content aims at keeping the public updated with the most accurate information.

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