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Klara Technologies Pivots to Patient Centered Care App

Mobile Messaging for Patient Centered Conversations

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2016 / -- Founded in Berlin Germany in 2013, Klara Technologies initially entered the US market as a tele-dermatology platform for patients to send photos and messages to their doctors. Klara pivoted to address a need in the market that was left unmet: patient centered communication. Klara connects thousands of healthcare professionals on a single collaborative patient-centric platform, currently operating at no cost to the user.

“We see healthcare as a network and doctors are the most important nodes here. If we want to digitize healthcare, we have to focus on the doctor first, building something they and their medical teams love using with patients everyday. Only then we can bring the doctor-patient-relationship online and digitize the network successfully,” Co-founder Simon Lorenz.

The new pivot brings Klara into a unique section of mhealth technology. Klara is not telemedicine technology, it is not an EMR or patient portal. Klara can work with EMR integration or without. Klara is an iOS and web application that provides healthcare professionals a HIPAA-secure messaging platform.

Klara is available in the US nation-wide to practices of all sizes, across specialties. Klara Technologies in piloting the app in hospitals, university medical centers and healthcare nonprofit organizations as well.

“Klara fundamentally improved workflows in our practice, centralizing all patient related communication into one place. We talk to patients about appointments, results, pre- and post-visit instructions, medication, billing and much more. We also talk to colleagues about referral patients, to labs about test results and biopsy reports, and to pharmacists about medication questions, pre-authorizations and prescriptions. Klara has made everything more efficient, nothing falls between the cracks and patients are truly appreciating this new kind of access to my practice team.” says Dr. Mikhail, a New York based dermatologist who uses Klara in her Manhattan practice.

The Klara approach uses “rich messaging,” which hosts rich content like embedded medical forms, questionnaires in a text-messaging format. Third-party services can integrate with and provide useful services to doctors and patients on top of Klara’s messaging experience.

About Klara

Klara was founded in 2013 with the vision to change the broken healthcare experience by directly connecting doctors and patients through technology.
Klara’s secure and HIPAA-compliant medical messaging platform allows practices to centralize all their medical communication in one simple and secure app. Doctors and their teams can collaboratively treat and communicate with their patients, adding external providers and other medical partners (such as pharmacies, labs and insurance companies) to the conversation to streamline patient care.

Alexis Sheehy
Klara Technologies
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