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Learn to Walk TALL at FMI Future Leaders at FMI Connect

By: Laurie Gethin, Director of Education, Food Marketing Institute

Personal branding is important to one’s career, and can actually support the company3d-Corporate-Personality brand at the same time. That’s why I’m pleased to welcome Lesley Everett, internationally-known branding expert to the stage at Future Leaders during FMI Connect. A thought-leader on personal branding and executive reputation management, Lesley will be leading the session “Brand Me”: Developing Your Authentic Brand, on Tuesday, June 21, 11:15 am-12:30 pm. Her session will give relevant insight into how you can build a personal brand and achieve career goals with simple takeaways for improved self-exposure.

Lesley started her career in Law and then went into corporate life in IT. “I had always been interested in non-verbal communication, psychology, image and body language and studied these topics part-time during my corporate career,” Lesley said. At a key point in her personal journey, Lesley started realizing the need for people to learn how to thoughtfully develop their brand for the workplace. “I began to realize that there were many people who weren’t getting the promotion or exposure they deserved because they didn’t project themselves well or perhaps didn’t have a strong consistent brand,” she said. It was this that led Lesley to leave her role, study and research intensively and set up her own consultancy and training business addressing this very area.

As one of our featured speakers, Lesley will walk Future Leaders attendees through the Walking TALL methodology, a system that has evolved since 2002 and has been delivered in 25 countries across 5 continents to date. Lesley will provide participants guidance on the people element of the corporate brand and how individuals can be authentic in their personal brands while supporting the corporate messages at the same time. “A corporate brand is the umbrella brand that in corporate life we need to be conscious of reinforcing with our behaviors. However, we can only reinforce the corporate brand effectively if we discover our personal brand first and then look at interpreting and internalizing the corporate values in a way that is meaningful to us,” Lesley said.

Lesley EverettOne of the most important aspects of Lesley’s session will be the specific, action-oriented principles that each Future Leader can take away and incorporate into their work routine immediately. Lesley let me in on how it works: “I will provide 7 simple and pragmatic principles to building your personal brand, validating it, refining it and creating more exposure and visibility.” Attendees will walk away with solid ideas, a brand foundation to build on and specific actions to make a difference back at the office or store tomorrow.

Lesley also has a unique ability to inspire audiences with her special blend of professionalism and fun interaction. “I incorporate fun stories to illustrate key points from my many years of working in corporate life and travelling the globe, working with some of the world’s largest companies. The stories are meaningful and relevant to business, keeping the topic away from the fluffiness with which it can be associated.”

“Be ready to leave the session with a buzz and refreshed level of positivity about your ability to stand out from the crowd and be recognized for what you truly bring to the table, for your team and company,” Lesley said.

Learn more about the Future Leaders program on the FMI Connect website.