Laima Gaizutis Enchants Piano Lovers with Original Instrumentals in Her New Simply Beautiful Collection II

Contemporary New Age Classical Piano Music with Instrumentals

Laima Gaizutis: pianist, composer, producer

The pianist/composer's new album, recorded with stellar guest artists, offers memorable melodies rich with warmth and tinted with a discernible romanticism.

...her versatility, as she crisscrosses from one genre to another is equally impressive. New age, neo-classical, pop instrumental, even a hint of jazz—it's all here...”
— Bill Binkelman

HOUSTON, TX, USA, April 29, 2016 / -- The piano-based music of Laima Gaizutis is a challenge to define, which is why the Lithuania native and current Houston, Texas resident may have decided to name her albums Simply Beautiful Collection I and Simply Beautiful Collection II, which debuts today in online music stores and on the artist’s official website. The music spans contemporary, new age, and classical genres, but as a collection, it is most easily defined as simply beautiful, reflected in the florals and butterflies of its distinctive packaging, as well as on the artist’s new website at

Working with a cadre of stellar guest artists, the new album earns its title with ease. Laima Gaizutis composes and plays piano, joined by Lauren Chauvin on violin, Beth A. Wiehe (flute), Buzzy Smith (jazz piano), David Caceras (alto sax), Warren Sneed (soprano sax) and Gary Wiedon (harmonica). Gaizutis and Smith co-produced the album, recorded and mixed at Buzz Smith Music, with mastering provided by Brad Sayles. A beautiful music video accompanies the album; Gaizutis worked with celebrated photographer Sam Gainer to choose images that complement her music and share her uplifting view of our beautiful world.

Early acclaim for the new album includes a nod from Wind & Wire’s music expert, Bill Binkelman, who wrote “It's a bold move, to say the least, to title your album Simply Beautiful Collection, but pianist/composer Laima Gaizutis has the chops to back up that audaciousness, and with room to spare. Her talent at crafting melodies that are ‘simple’ yet heartfelt and borne of obvious sincerity is apparent throughout the album's eleven selections. In addition, her versatility, as she crisscrosses from one genre to another, always with an overriding discernible romantic influence, is equally impressive. New age, neo-classical, pop instrumental, even a hint of jazz—it's all here...”

Music to her ears, she says, because Gaizutis has traveled a long road to this point in her music career, from emerging as a young performer, to earning a Bachelor of Music degree from Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY), to teaching music while raising her beloved family, and years of writing award-winning music in various genres with her favorite collaborators. Laima seems gifted at finding the positives in life, perhaps honed by her parents, refugees who left their native Lithuania to make their way to Cleveland, Ohio, where her father's sponsor had found him a job as a baker/delivery man. While he toiled long hours, Gaizutis’ mother cared for her and her two siblings; the house they moved into had an old piano, and, since her parents had always wanted to learn the instrument themselves, she became the "chosen one." By the age of six, she was already studying with Andrius Kuprevicius at the Cleveland Music School Settlement. Gaizutis was a quick study and made her local TV debut at 9 years old on a talent show. From there, her appearances and dedication to the piano blossomed, becoming her life’s work and passion.

However, it was in 1990 when her world view of music expanded to a degree beyond her imagining. Her husband gave her a digital piano for a Christmas present; the family already owned a Baldwin grand, but the digital piano allowed her to record melodies as she played them. The creative floodgates opened!

"That was the year the composer in me emerged. I was hearing music in my sleep and was jumping out of bed to write it down before I'd lose the melody. I would have to stop whatever I was doing so I could notate it. And so it began...” she recounts. “I worked alone and also collaborated with various songwriters, which resulted in a bountiful collection of melodies and songs."

She started composing her own songs, driven by enthusiasm, winning numerous local and national Billboard awards in various genres. Her instrumental melodies have been featured on television, in a production at the Little Reno Theater, and she was the composer/pianist for Stuart Ostrow's musical theater workshop at the University of Houston's School of Theater.

Her latest transition to “recording artist” happened in 2014. “I just knew it was time to share my music...after all, why write if not to be heard?” she asks. “Each track of Simply Beautiful Collection I (and now, Collection II) has its own mood and instrumentation. I enjoyed varying the rhythms and the extra piano melody lines. I like to ask people to listen with closed eyes and be swept away by these musical gems..."

Simply Beautiful Collection II is being promoted by Ed & Stacey Bonk of LAZZ Promotions for Broadcast & Media Promotion, reachable at 905-470-1230, or via email: lazzpromotions(at)

To reach Laima Gaizutis for bookings, CDs or other music questions, please use the contact page at or write to Laima Music, P.O. Box 631228, Houston, TX 77263.

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Track List:
Whispers 4:06
Midnight 2:48
Touched 3:09
I Miss the Laughter Most 2:57
Sunlight 4:26
Long Summer Night 3:36
Stillness 3:56
Thanksgiving With You 3:42
Lilting 3:04
An Angel's Dream 4:57
Penny Arcade 3:56

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