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Texas Heritage Protection Garners Stakeholder Support

Consultants educate Texas Water Conservation Association members about the state’s growing litter problem

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 11, 2016 / -- THE WOODLANDS — Texas Heritage Protection is educating state and local leaders about Texas’s growing litter problem.

Maia Corbitt and Michael Booth, both consultants with Texas Heritage Protection, gave a presentation to hundreds at the Texas Water Conservation Association’s Annual Convention near Houston last week to inform industry experts about the impacts of litter on state waterways.

The Texas Water Conservation Association is an important coalition of stakeholders who directly work on or are familiar with water-related issues. It is the leading organization in Texas devoted to conserving, developing, protecting, and using the water resources of the state for all beneficial purposes.

“Problems associated with litter and illegal dumping are inescapable in Texas. Trash makes its way onto our roads, into our streams and into our backyards,” Corbitt said. “There are definite cost savings to be had in designing a more efficient system capable of better handling cleanup and prevention.”

In her presentation, Corbitt presented a detailed breakdown of operations, costs and effective efforts from numerous cleanup initiatives across the state. She said, ultimately, Texas Heritage Protection was looking for stakeholder’s to come together to brainstorm solutions.

“Outdoor recreation and tourism are a big and growing part of the Texas economy,” Corbitt said. “What is needed is a coordinated state effort to tackle litter and illegal dumping or we are going to see our local tourism industry affected if we haven’t already.”

Mr. Booth said Texas Heritage is looking for solutions that are effective, economically feasible, and resonate with Texas’s Republican legislature.

“We’re asking stakeholders to tell us the problems they want solved and suggestions for how to solve it,” Booth said. “Too often, liberal activists’ waste time and money on policy that won’t pass or on projects that don’t really benefit the State. I grew up in Texas. I’m a ranch owner and outdoorsman. I want to see our side of the story represented with commonsense solutions directly from the mouths of those most involved.”

Texas Heritage Protection works hard with citizens and lawmakers to help safeguard the air we breathe, the water we drink, the wildlife we enjoy and the natural systems that sustain our life on Earth. The organization encourages residents and representatives to promote responsible stewardship of our state’s unique natural resources.

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