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"Murky Practices" of Big Pharma revealed in mainstream British Press by top doctors

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The Longevity Revolution™ say that they have been revealing this for years!

Science Fiction is now Science Fact!
— Tony Mackenzie - Founder
WORLDWIDE, WORLDWIDE, WORLDWIDE, March 4, 2016 / -- The Longevity Revolution™ and their associated websites and TV channels at has been attempting to inform the public for many years about the same range of subjects covered in the article and the poor state of the way the pharmaceutical industry controls the medical profession. The article talks about "murky practices" by the pharmaceutical industry

Having been pilloried for many years with the usual banal accusation by the uninformed of being conspiracy theorists The Longevity Revolution™ are now pleased to see the truth being revealed at the level of a mainstream newspaper.

None less than the Queen's ex-doctor and other senior figures in the medical profession have now asked for a public enquiry and publicly declared their opinions which confirms many of the views expressed by The Longevity Revolution™.

The Daily Mail online article was headed "How Big Pharma greed is killing millions around the world" and was published on 23rd February 2016.

The Daily Mail article can be seen online at

Tony Mackenzie, the founder of The Longevity Revolution™ and their worldwide co-researchers club has stated in an online comment posting at the site:-

"We have been telling people about these facts for years but have been called conspiracy theorists! Not believing in new ideas or not wishing to examine the evidence is simply a psychological factor known as cognitive dissonance which can take years to overcome. It is refreshing to see that these facts are now being taken notice of at a senior level"

Tony is a firm believer that awareness is slowly changing for the better but that the main obstacle, as always in getting new understanding to be accepted, is a question of overcoming the psychological barrier known as cognitive dissonance.

One of the areas that he feels should be closely examined and repealed is the 1939 Cancer Act which he states "in Britain is preventing truth being revealed about cheaper and alternative therapies that informed researchers and scientists have known about for decades. In the USA they don't have such outrageous legislation against free speech but they do have the opposition of big money lobbyists funded by the pharmaceutical industry."

"In addition, supplement manufacturers and suppliers like us are also controlled by the regulatory authorities against making claims for any beneficial ingredients even when the science backs it up. There is now a widespread and growing belief by the public that organisations like the pharmacuetical industry and the
regulatory authorities work hand in hand in mutual support by the operation of what is known as "The Revolving Door" and financial involvements which are also outlined in the Daily Mail article.

Nevertheless, he states, our informed worldwide co-researcher members tell us what scientifically researched ingredients they wish us to make available to them which are supplied without making any medical or health claims. This is outlined at"
Tony Mackenzie

Tony Mackenzie
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