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Regulatory Authorities require drug testing of known ion channels, especially hERG, to rule out possible side effects before clinical trials are performed.

The relevance of hERG to toxicity of several pharmaceutical drugs makes it imperative that all compounds entering clinical stage are compulsorily checked for hERG activity.”
— Anasuya Vemuri

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, March 2, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Introduction of a new drug in the market is not only expensive but also an extremely complicated process. The process of drug discovery is fraught with several risks. The number of new drug launches each year has remained relatively constant over the past few years; whereas, the cost of pharmaceutical research and development has sky-rocketed. This reveals that the success rate of a drug candidate overcoming the several hurdles is at best 1 in 10. Advanced technologies, superior R&D facilities have not greatly contributed to the success rates of lead compounds in drug discovery. Also, the concerning factor is that most drug candidates in development on which large investments have already been made have little probability of returning. ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicology) profiles of drug candidates are the stumbling blocks.

Along with the FDA, all countries have stringent rules for drug introductions. In this wake, the regulatory authorities are paying great emphasis on testing of all new drugs on hERG channels for side effects. Consequently, a lot number of whole cell recordings is performed on these grounds. hERG Screening has attracted great attention due to its role in cardiac arrhythmia and the LQT-syndrome.

RI Technologies' market research report on hERG Screening gives an insight into the hERG Screening market and its impact on drug development and discovery. The study provides global market analysis for hERG Screening for sensitivity of potassium ion channels towards drugs. The study emphasizes on both technology and product segments of hERG Screening in biotechnology and pharmaceutical application areas. The report provides essential information including market data, segmentation, market size, key trends, M&A, product developments, industry forecasts, corporate intelligence, and other relevant information. The report lists more than 190 companies that are engaged in hERG Screening services and/or production of hERG screening tools/instruments. A global perspective is presented along with regional analysis covering North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World. Compilation of Worldwide Patents and Research related to hERG Screening is also provided.

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hERG - which encodes the potassium ion channel is considered responsible for repolarizing IKr current in the cardiac action potential. Screening of new drug candidates for fatal side-effects on cardiac ion channels has led to increased efficient electrophysiological testing with higher throughput than is possible with conventional patch-clamp.
Cardiovascular safety liabilities cause major drug attrition rates during preclinical and clinical development, adverse drug reactions, and post-approval withdrawal of medicines. As per pharmaceutical industry surveys, the last decade has seen a significant fall in the number of new medicines being launched inspite of significant investments in Research and Development. Non-clinical and clinical safety has remained a major cause of drug attrition. Such attrition may take place either in preclinical or clinical development or post-approval stages, resulting in withdrawal of marketed drugs. This accounts for about one-third of all drug discontinuation. Cardiovascular toxicity is happening more frequently than hepatotoxicity. Cardiovascular safety liabilities assume paramount importance in view of these findings in contemporary drug development activities.

A very vibrant market exists for pharma companies, biotech companies, service providers and CROs. The relevance of hERG to toxicity of several pharmaceutical drugs makes it imperative that all compounds entering clinical stage are compulsorily checked for hERG activity. The FDA has passed strict laws for this important requirement. Genetic studies have added to the importance of ion channels and their significance in drug discovery and development.

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