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Tracking Your Medical Treatment Can Save Your Life

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TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 11, 2016 / -- There has been a movement that has remained relatively underground for a while now and it is the Quantified Self (QS) movement. The movement involves users, patients, bodybuilders or health enthusiasts to track their every movement, including sleep time, heart rate, and any other statistic one can possibly imagine all in hopes of remaining healthy, optimizing oneself to reach their full potential and to skip those long visits to the doctor or the hospital. Recently users have decided to make their regimen publicly so their routine or Stack as it is now called can come under scrutiny and optimized accordingly. These stacks or treatments are publicly shared by users on a new site called TrackMyStack. Users combine a whole slew of these supplements, exercises, drugs into their routine (excluding food for now) to show you how they may be "bio hacking" their way into optimal health.

Tracking parts of your routine is not a new story, companies such as MyFitnessPal allow users to manually enter in their total calorie intake on a daily basis in hopes of staying over (in the case of gaining muscle mass) or under weight in the case of wanting to loose weight. Recently this simple app was acquired by UnderArmour for the total sum of $475 million USD. Not a bad payday for the brothers that co-founded the company just a few years earlier. Bodybuilders and those dieting have seen immense benefits from tracking their calories and as the mantra goes "if it can be measured it can be improved." and this has been taken to heart by the hundreds of millions of users that MyFitnessPal has.

However when it comes to more serious conditions, symptoms or health goals, up until now there has been no way for these patients of chronic illness or anxiety to get past the basic mood or anxiety tracking apps that help you by just letting you pick your mood from a scale of 1 to 10. TrackMyStack claims that they have seen high success rate with their web-based app, users are inherently required to make a "stack" to get started on the site, a stack requires the user to enter their combination of actions that they must or are willing to do frequently to reach their health goal or to just maintain their illness as part of a treatment.

The software goes a step further by reminding users to take their treatments on time, which can be pills, going for a daily walk, taking their supplements frequently. The users are required to make a post which includes their adherence levels, images, mood, anxiety, and any other note they feel like they or their primary health provider can benefit from. Other users or the community that has the same issues often chime in and offer suggestions or take notice of how someone is attempting to reach the same goal as them and copy the users stack, causing a multiplier effect in which a treatment is criticized and in the end the most efficient stack of supplements, medication is left. Users can browse existing stacks for a wide variety of goals such as: Cognitive Enhancement, Stress Reduction, Building Muscle Mass, Social Anxiety, Sleeping better, Prenatal Health, Longevity/Anti Aging, and a whole slew of other goals.

In a way the site is a collection of health diaries for certain conditions, this data the site promises will eventually be available to medical companies for research which they claim will benefit society as a whole and thus is the reason for maintaining your health logs in a open way. The site's future goal is start importing data automatically from sleep trackers, calorie trackers to provide a more comprehensive view and outlook of a user's health, this data can be printed and viewed as pretty graphs on the screen which allows users to see things such as monthly adherence levels, mood levels, anxiety levels over a period of time. The future, CEO Ackshay Khanna claims "We intend on integrating with other services and recommending personalized treatments as recommendations, and further recognizing and suggesting actionable insights to patients. Making sense of all the data that is being collected is our primary goal, this will help our end users and companies looking for this data to advance their own research, which for them has and remains invaluable and expensive.". Companies such as 23&Me have acquired companies that were early stage in the problem that Mr. Khanna is attempting to solve, other companies exist for individual illness as well that have continued operations over a decade. To start tracking your health treatment and keeping a medical journal, take a look at the website at:

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