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Terasense High Speed Linear Terahertz Camera for many applications

High Speed Terahertz Line Scanner with THz source

San Jose, CA, 13 Dec. 2015

SAN JOSE, CA, U.S.A., December 13, 2015 / -- TERASENSE, THE SYNONYM

With the help of the revolutionary and patent protected Terasense® technology, the company advents the market with High Speed Linear Terahertz Camera. Terasense Group, Inc., the leading manufacturer of Terahertz and sub-Terahertz imaging systems has added this new product with a wide range of applications to their arsenal. With its existing range of products including THz imaging camera, THz generator, THz detectors the company is synonymous in this field and this new product with a plethora of applications added a new feather to their laurel.


With it’s never-before imaging speed and easy integrating facilities, the High-Speed Linear THz camera is ideal for many industrial process applications that employ high speed conveyor belt for quick transfer of the products. This camera is provided with extremely fast linear sensor arrays for doing nondestructive testing and quality control for a wide range of industrial applications.

This ultra fast camera has two key elements: the THz imaging camera and the THz generator. These two elements are mutually optimized and synchronized for delivering the best imaging experience even at a high speed.

Further, the THz generator section is configured with a specially designed horn antenna for covering the entire cross section of the belt so that nothing passes undetected. The antenna spreads the radiation beam uniformly and also ensures that the THz power is efficiently delivered from the generator to the camera for perfect imaging.

• Extremely high imaging speed of 5 kHz (5000 frames per second)
• Can scan at a speed of 15 meters/second equivalent to 900 meters/minute
• Has a spectral range of 50GHz to 0.7 THz
• Number of pixels(scalable): 256 x 1 with a pixel size of 1.5 x 3 mm
• Provided with TeraFast® Viewer software
• Warranty period of 18 months

• Imaging area: 384 x 3 mm
• Dimension: 450 x 160 x 44
• Sync Out: TTL (+5V)
• Interface: mini-USB
• Responsivity : 8000 V/W
• Minimum detectable power/pixel: 100nW (at 5000fps); 45nW (at 1000fps); 14nW (at 100fps);
• Power Supply: 24 V/ 20 W


This high-speed linear Terahertz camera made rapid non-destructive testing possible. Its unique features open a new vista for process control, quality control and NDT for a wide range of industrial applications.

• Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics: for testing of drugs, medical products, and baby diapers etc.
• Wood Processing: for detection of concealed hollows, knots, included moisture and other defects
• Foods & Food Products: for detection of foreign matter inclusion and clots etc.
• Agriculture and Livestock farming: for separating the agricultural products from mud clumps & stones on the conveyor and also for measuring thickness of the wool coat of a living sheep.
• FMCG packaging: Checking of packed items and spotting defective items inside.
• Construction sites: for detection of non-uniformity in concrete, floor, plaster and paints etc.
• Security screening and Letter scanning: for identification of the hidden objects, checking contents of envelopes and parcels, spotting concealed weapon at the air ports or other checking points.
• Automotive Industry: Identification of wires and inclusion of foreign bodies inside the tires and for inspection of fitted tiers on wheels without removal.

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