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Construction of 41 steel gates progresses according to contracted schedule

SPLIT, CROATIA, November 20, 2015 / -- Project 'Saving Venice' in full swing

After deciding in favour of Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc. as the best bidder and the most successful contractor for such a complex project, 50 million euro worth deal for construction of 41 steel gates progresses according to contracted schedule. The first gate for sea Mouth of Malamocco and one gate for sea Mouth of Chioggia are finished and ready for delivery, while 19 gates are currently in making in different phase of production.

The buyer requests high precision in making of steel gates and long-term anticorrosion protection. Very limited tolerances, the highest quality class, amount of accompanying documentation make this Project much more demanding in tehnical-technological sense than shipbuilding. Brodosplit will deliver gates with dimensions 27-30 x 20 meters, 4.5-5 meters height and with weight of 300 tons.

Project is an integrated protection system consisting of a number of mobile gates that are capable of closing off Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea when the tide exceeds established level (110 cm) up to maximal three meters. These are mouths of Treporti, Malamocco, Chioggia and San Nicolo. For construction of steel gates for sea Mouth of San Nicolo, the tender is currently open and Brodosplit submitted its proposal.

Set-up of 78 gates, which are designed as special reservoirs filled with air or water, is foreseen. They will lie at sea bottom when filled with water, and rise towards the surface to close the Lagoon entrances when filled with air. After air is released, they will get filled with water again and lie at the sea bottom.During these several hours, Venetian Lagoon would be closed and ships could not enter it freely.

Brodosplit is extremely proud of this Project, just as whole Croatia, because it will remain forever registered on the list of countries that participated in one of the biggest construction projects in Italian history with overall value of more than 7 billion euro and thus contributed to saving Venice from big problems caused by tide.

This project proves that Brodosplit is capable to build not only
ships, but very complex and demanding steel constructions and that it can compete with majority of world shipyards with its knowledge and experience.

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