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Lyons Roofing urges property owners to be careful in choosing a contractor for repairing your storm damage

Hail and high winds beat up Phoenix and the west valley

There little pellets can wreak havoc on shingle and polyurethane foam roofs

Property owners beware. Choose your contractor wisely, a good contractor is worth the wait.

We can't say it enough; a good roofing contractor is worth the wait. Here at Lyons Roofing, we are working hard to assure customers are water tight and able to wait for their roof replacement.
— Ann Pepper
PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2015 / -- Lyons Roofing, a long time Phoenix and Tucson Roofing Contractor, urges home and property owners to choose wisely when choosing a roofing contractor to handle storm damage.
It doesn’t happen often, but it was not that long ago that Phoenix was hit hard with hail. So now here we are again. What did we learn from that last storm? We hope that we are able to advise our customers sooner than later to be more selective when choosing a contractor to handle their storm damage. Lyons Roofing, like so many roofing companies are busy, but a good contractor is worth the wait. These types of storms tend to bring out the storm chaser contractors in droves. It breaks our hearts to hear the stories of customers that were taken advantage of by less than reputable roofers. We hear the stories all the time, and worse than that we have re-installed roofs that should have lasted 30 years as they already failed and the contractor is nowhere to be found. No one should have to buy a roof twice in 5 years!
On October 18, 2015 Phoenix and its sister cities to the west (Glendale, Peoria, Litchfield, Avondale, Sun City and more) got blasted by a microburst that came with 60mph winds and half dollar size hail. This storm left a lot of damage in its wake. Roofs were torn off, trees fell, power lines snapped and thousand are without power. Lyons Roofing is reaching out to their existing customers to offer inspections to check for storm damage. We do this to put our customers at ease.
Lyons Roofing offers these tips to avoid being ripped off by Storm Chasers.
If your home has storm damage, do your homework.
1. Avoid door to door solicitors. Long standing reputable contractors will likely be too busy to engage in these types of activities.
2. How long has this contractor been doing business in Arizona? You need to feel confident they will be here to back up their warranties.
3. Be present for property inspections. Storm chasers have been known to “enhance” the damage on a roof in hopes of locking in the business. Insurance adjusters know how to spot fake storm damage and leave the bill with you.
4. Always get multiple estimates. There is no substitute for doing your homework.
5. Check out the contractors credentials.
a. Registrar of Contractors (ROC) license record
b. Verify bonding and insurance
6. Choose a contractor and allow them to help you with the insurance process. Make no mistake; part of the insurance adjuster’s job is to minimize costs to the insurance company. Your contractor can assist with this process.
7. Know all contractual obligations. Yours and the contractors.
a. Avoid large deposits, know your cancellation rights, and look for blank spaces.
b. Read and understand the contractor’s proposal to include the scope of work to be provided, the estimated date to completion, and warranties provided.
It is unfortunate that on the heels of suffering damage by Mother Nature, now we have to be careful of being cheated from the event. It is not fair. Again, a good contractor is worth the wait and a good contractor can take measures to get your roof watertight while you wait for your roof re-construction. If you are looking for a good contractor, Lyons Roofing can help.

Ann Pepper
Lyons Roofing
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