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Eton Institute Supports New Jersey's Decision to make English Sign Language an Option for High Schools Students

As American Sign Language (ASL) grows in popularity,more learners are aware of the wide array of opportunities the language has to offer.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2015 / -- New York, 19 August 2015 – Users of American Sign Language are present across the world and in a range of industries. The popularity of the language has now reached U.S schools: a bill passed on Monday in New Jersey encourages high school students to opt for sign language courses for graduation as a foreign language instead of spoken languages, according to Introducing this opportunity to high school students is beneficial to broaden their communication skills, as well as act as a base for understanding other sign languages.
Eton Institute, a leading international language and professional development training provider, supports learning of American Sign Language as it offers considerable personal and professional enhancement opportunities.
Interpretation is one of many career prospects ASL has to offer. According to the University of Arizona, employment for ASL interpreters is projected to increase by 42 percent until 2020.
It was also found that the demand for ASL speakers is high in medical and legal fields and other services like video interpreting. In addition, studies have shown that learning a foreign language can increase the ability to appropriately interpret culture, thus improving cultural intelligence.
“Sign Language is a captivating language because it so expressive and personal. Every gesture, movement, expression and even your body language has a meaning. It is not just a different language, but also a different culture and perspective,” said by Colette Abi Rashed, Sign Language instructor at Eton Institute. “American Sign Language is one of our most popular languages for all ages, and as part of our commitment to encourage language diversity and cultural understanding, we believe learning the language can only offer an enriching learning experience and many opportunities,” she added.
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