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Trend to Value-Added Packaging Machines with Declining Production – New Quest Report

The new Quest report highlights five characteristics of the packaging machines industry in the German machinery industry including growth expectations.

BOCHUM, NRW, GERMANY, August 19, 2015 / -- Production of packaging machines has been developing below average of the entire machinery industry since 2012. Sales, however, have been soaring since 2013 exceeding those of the entire mechanical engineering. Sales rose from 2012 to 2014 by 23.5% turning the packaging machines industry into a growth industry in the German mechanical engineering because the latter grew only by 5.3% during the same period.

This development of production and sales establishes the trend to value-added packaging machines. The average value per packaging machine rose from €67,000 to €89,000 € by 34% from 2012 to 2014.

The report concretizes this trend for cold or warm deep-drawing machines, cartoners and cleaning machines for the beverage industry.

The export markets for packaging machines are more strongly trimmed on growth in the comparison to the mechanical engineering. The export share to the growth-weak European Union clearly lies lower with 28% than that of the machinery industry with 46% and that to the BRIC countries is higher with 20% compared to the mechanical engineering (17%).

The growth expectations of the packaging machine-builders until 2017 are twice as high with 11% per year until 2017 as the average value in the machinery industry with 5.3% per year. These data are based on a representative market survey by Quest TechnoMarketing about the engineering of the machine automation until 2017 in the German mechanical engineering.

The essence of these expectations is not so much their absolute amount, rather than their strong variation. A fifth of the packaging machine-builders do not expect any production growth until 2017 while a further fifth see only an annual growth of fewer than 5%. Over half the packaging machine-builders expect an above average growth of 5% and more.

These non-uniform growth expectations reflect the non-uniform development of the worldwide export markets.

The new Quest report is to support automation manufacturers to consider the current characteristics of this industry for their market processing.

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