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Haiti still runs as a colony of the international and its own leaders

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2015 / -- Haiti still runs as a colony of the international and its own leaders

Haiti is an independent country, but for the past 100 years, it appears that Haiti still remains under the colonists. While one may seem to think that the colonial powers continue to oppress Haitians, this is not true. There is no physical oppression but the name of the game today is MONEY. The fault lies with our own politicians who sleep in the same bed as the colonial masters for their own personal gratification.

Almost every president of Haiti over the past 100 years has had relationships with one or two of our former colonial masters. The reason for this is not difficult to understand- Haiti stands atop of the world when it comes to "Play and Pay" game. If the colonists want to develop a project in Haiti, they usually get the bid. In turn they pay the politicians a large sum of money and everyone except the Haitian people goes home happy. The colonials which include the French and Americans run almost every business in haiti. They set the rules, the prices, and the production- and they get to keep all the money they make.

Haiti is a tropical island, full of natural resources, surrounded by ample water, beautiful beaches, cheap labor, plenty of raw material, vast amounts of land for agriculture and yet the country depends on the foreigners. This is a difficulty fact to accept but it is the truth. No matter how much Haiti suffered under the colonials, our politicians still cultivate hidden relationships with them- all with one aim in mind- how to make more money for themselves. Our presidents are nothing more puppets- every facet of Haitian life is controlled by these foreigners who come here and work as NGOs. The latest Haitian President to sleep with a foreign agency is Martelly and his sinister relationship with the Clinton foundation. US reports indicate that the Clinton foundation has been non transparent about its donations and there is speculation that the money is primarily used to pay the Clintons huge salaries. Now the Clinton foundation has gotten involved in the rebuilding of haiti- but the goal is not to makes lives of Haitian better but how to enrich themselves even more. Martelly is now in the pockets of the Clinton foundation and is most likely being paid heavily at the side for awarding contracts to people related to the Clintons. One should ask why the Clintons would always come to stay in a poverty stricken country like Haiti. Surely there is something more sinister than just being philanthropic. The history of the Clintons is full of deceit and anyone who trusts this foundation or the people, who run it, are a fool. The American politicians support Martelly and it is a mystery how they cannot see through this phony character who is corrupt, immoral and has done nothing for the people of Haiti. The reason why he is supported by the Americans is because he follows everything what his masters tell him to do.

Almost all the money in Haiti has disappeared in foreign banks; Haiti is bankrupt primarily because the colonials are also looting the country as rapidly as Martelly and his gang. Haitians need to wake up and cease this type of relationships with foreign powers. The history of colonialism is replete with many examples where the masters have looted the countries. What is shocking is that it is still happening today in Haiti. While it is easy to blame the colonials, NGOs and the Clinton foundation, it is us Haitians who are primarily at fault. We are too greedy and our love for money can never be satisfied, we lust for everything material even if it means sacrificing the country and its people. Hopefully the new generation of Haitians will wake up and see the light. While friendship with America and France is helpful, it should not be a one way street where they enrich themselves at the expense of Haiti.

Henry Beaucejour
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