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Protectimus: New Trusted Authentication Solution to Protect Your Users

New two-factor authentication provider Protectimus Solutions LLP offers progressive 2FA solution, protecting against trojans, replacements, data modifications.


There is no need to worry about the authentication of users or the security of system any longer. Protectimus has bridged the many problems that are in the authentication with a high level of security for systems against unauthorized access. This system provides an advanced level of security by adding reliable and robust authentication level that is based on One-Time Passwords. It has cleared the challenge by providing the best solution in terms of ease of use and affordable cost. This is because it ensures that there is a high level of quality and system reliability.

This product has been built to aid customers develop better secure services that are based on the product in an easy and simple way. It protects the customers' users accounts from unauthorized access. Protectimus offers a company the best comprehensive authentication solution that comes with a wide range of software and hardware tokens and an authentication system.

There are a lot of providers that offer two-factor authentication solution, but the challenge with these providers is that they have predictable consequences such as cumbersome, poor communication, inconvenient and inflexible products, lack of means and unavailability of the current information with unnecessary high cost. These are some of the challenges that Protectimus has solved. The use of company’s authentication system has made it possible to work with it as a cloud service providing a SaaS solution and stand-alone solutions that are installed in the customer environment. The designed platform can support a range of operating systems from Linux, FreeBSD to any version of Windows.

If you are thinking about your browsers, Protectimus supports all current versions of popular browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer. The system's components support the existing authentication development stands including the OATH stands for OTP authentication. This simply means that third party manufacturers' or even a competitor's tokens can be used.

It is important to add that new Data Signing Feature by Protectimus allows you to ensure control over the integrity of the data signed and protection against any data modification or data falsification. There is a guaranteed detection of any data falsification during integrity verification in most cases which render data falsification useless.

Protectimus is based on the best SOA, MVC, RESTful and other best practices for robust enterprise level software. There is no challenge of interrupted operation because the system is deployed in a cluster of high-performance servers.
The hardware Load Balancer takes care of the balancing and distribution of the workload between the servers while the Hardware Security Module takes care of the secure storage of sensitive information. It can hold up numbers of backups, using multiple backup systems, however, the challenge with all backups is that they are always lagging behind in time. The replication system takes care of this fatal failure of the primary server.

In conclusion, the company has come to support individuals and corporation in managing their security system with the state of the art software. This is the reason a lot of new users are eager to make use of it.

Maxim Oliynyk
Protectimus Solutions LLP
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