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Creation of the Mohammed VI Foundation for African Ulemas

Bethesda, Maryland, USA, 07/15/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

HM King Mohammed VI,  chaired on Monday , July 13, 2015 at the Royal Palace in Casablanca, the announcement ceremony of the creation of the Mohammed VI Foundation for African Ulemas.

Launched under the high instructions of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI, in his  capacity as Commander of the Faithful, this new Foundation is the expression of a deep work, backed by a rich capital accumulated, over centuries, by Morocco’s relations with about thirty African countries, as it is based on a combination of common interests. 

Morocco, which has the merit of having spread Islamic values, shares with African countries the same doctrine, the same rite and the same Sufi sensitivity, consistent with the path inherited from the Sunnah.

The Foundation is dedicated in particularly to all Muslims who follow the achaarite doctrine, the Maliki rite and the way of Imam Al Jounaid related to behavioral practices. It is consequently designed to join and coordinate the efforts of Muslim scholars in Morocco and other African states in order to highlight, disseminate, and consolidate the values of tolerant Islam in a context where several religious authorities in the Muslim world seem to lose their Islamic benchmark posture (Al Azhar among others) and where other religious models of Islam proved incompatible with the true nature of the African Muslim man.

The Foundation is also characterized by its purely scientific approach; it is not a charitable or proselyting order. It is a foundation that was created based on a participatory approach, involving women. It is not an alternative organization of national religious bodies of countries of origin of the members and  respects the sovereignty of those countries.

For many experts and African scholars,  this royal initiative reflects the strong historical and spiritual ties linking Morocco to Africa and a real commitment of King Mohammed VI to promote moderate, open and tolerant Islam.

Mustapha Sonta, Calif of Tidjanes in Côte d’Ivoire, described the Foundation as “one of a kind” and voiced his gratitude for HM the King for thinking about African brotherhoods and Muslims.

This Foundation is meant to close ranks of Moroccan and African scholars to promote the lofty values of Islam, he added.

Efforts made by Morocco in the religious field to train Imams and preachers from several African countries are “rare and exceptional” in Africa, said another member of the African Ulema (religious scholars) on Monday in Casablanca.

Ahmed Tijani Omar, a scholar teaching religious sciences in the USA, underscored that HM the King is highly esteemed among Ulemas and Imams in the United States given his role in spreading Islam.


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