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REfindly Earns National Honors for Innovation of the Year and Technology Team of the Year

The Real Estate Tech Team from REfindly

The Southwest Florida real estate tech firm of REfindly receives national recognition for innovative support to real estate professionals.

“We’re honored to earn recognition, but it’s an honor to help professionals working in the most challenging and competitive of industries... We may not always win awards, but each day has rewards.”
— Ryan Tremblay
ESTERO, FLORIDA, LEE, July 10, 2015 / -- Estero-based REfindly, a firm specializing in technology solutions for real estate professionals, is being doubly distinguished with national honors for “Innovation of the Year” and “Information Technology Team of the Year” in the 2015 American Business Awards program.

REfindly was among more than 3,000 companies from various industries across the United States, whose efforts were nominated and judged by an international panel of more than 200 executives. The process positioned two-year-old REfindly beside larger and longer-established firms such as Cisco, Ernst & Young and other international enterprises. REfindly ultimately emerged as a winner of two bronze awards during a June ceremony held at Chicago’s Fairmont Millennium Park Hotel.

In securing honors for “Innovation of the Year,” REfindly was recognized for creating an affordable platform of technical services uniquely advantageous to real estate agents, teams and brokers. As Company Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Ryan Tremblay explains, “Prior to our creating of an integrated IDX website, CRM and lead generation platform, real estate agents would typically have to source these services from different vendors, only to discover the various components couldn’t communicate with each other. In fact, most solutions were never solely designed for the real estate industry. Acquiring higher technology meant higher costs, making much of it fiscally prohibitive to the average agent, especially those who may be new or just starting out.”

REfindly’s innovation involved creating a seamless system comprised of a public facing website with real time property information, complemented with back end applications that capture, monitor and manage lead data. As Tremblay says, “Our system has enabled agents to more conveniently manage operations, engage with customers, focus on sales and expand their exposure in the medium that most now use when searching for a new home - the Internet.”

REfindly’s innovation is further nuanced by applications that enable ability to schedule tasks, receive notifications, send & receive emails and perform other functions, all from one convenient platform, designed for responsiveness and readability on smartphones or other portable devices.

While the range of these features figured in REfindly’s award for Innovation, Tremblay credits “responsiveness to customers” as critical to the company’s award for “Information Technology Team of the Year.”

“As more professionals began working with our system, we’d receive requests for new features or applications which prompted writing of new software or altering the technical architecture to accommodate customer needs. Our team hasn’t only responded to that feedback, but also found there was a learning curve among professionals who needed help in harnessing the range of capabilities we offer,” says Tremblay. “Whether it was help dripping property listings, responding to leads, how to generate content that improves search engine rankings or some other support need, we found the helpfulness of our technology was directly tied to one’s ability to use it.”

The REfindly team has since created a continually expanding base of responses to FAQs as well as an around-the-clock Online portal for support requests. The team also now hosts live webinars that take place several times a week. “People may not always care about how much you know until they know how much you care. We’re fortunate to have a team of technological geniuses who genuinely care about helping others. REfindly was founded on a simple principal to provide help to real estate professionals. The manner we do it may be technologically complex, but it’s all driven by good, old-fashioned, customer service,” says Tremblay.

Since opening of its headquarters in Estero almost two-years ago, REfindly’s technology has been acquired by real estate professionals in markets throughout the United States. Tremblay says that growth has primarily derived from word-of-mouth referrals by happy customers.

As geeks that tend to get excited over fixing a bug, pushing a system up-date or improving speed in measures of milliseconds, Tremblay says his team also get excited by feedback from agents who’ve secured their first major transaction or broke a sales record with the aid of REfindly’s system.

“We’re very honored to earn national recognition for innovation as well the hard work of our team,” says Tremblay. “For us, it’s an honor to help professionals working in one of the most challenging and competitive of industries imaginable. When we see customers win, it feels like a win for us. We may not always win awards, but each day has its rewards.”

Among the REfindly staff honored are: Contentologist Bill Schiller, Software Developer & RETS Commander Josh Artuso, Data Scientist Matt Crowson, Creator of Worlds Antoine Patton, Co-Founder/CTO Ryan Tremblay, Front End Designer & Destroyer of Worlds Ed Seibert, Account Manager Ashley Prescott and Sales Manager Scott “A-to-Z” Zavitz.

REfindly's receiving of American Business Awards follows other national honors bestowed in 2014, when the company was recognized among "The Top 50" of Real Estate Service Providers in America.

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