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Join us in our journey of fusing a smart home with jungle living and discover a new way of life!

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The Free Home Project is a revolutionary movement that redefines homeownership. Our vision is to showcase affordable and sustainable technology in a rainforest

PIEDRAS BLANCAS , PUNTARENAS, COSTA RICA, June 26, 2015 / -- “Pura vida!” It’s a seemingly simple Costa Rican phrase with a much more complex meaning. Directly translating to “pure life,” the phrase refers to living a peaceful, simple life with a deep love of nature, family, and friends. Unfortunately, the burden of paying for electricity, water, and various other expenses often makes this type of “Pura Vida” living impractical. Fortunately, a team of revolutionary and passionate individuals has created a community specifically designed to provide ecologically minded folks the opportunity to live in a pristine rainforest ecosystem untouched by the industrial technologies we have become accustomed to. Finca Bellavista is redefining the way we live. The Finca Bellavista team has constructed an eco-friendly treetop village utilizing cutting-edge, sustainable technology.

Finca Bellavista is a community built in the treetops of the gorgeous Costa Rican rainforest. Their commitment to enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, while also promoting the preservation of the pristine environment is absolutely unparalleled. The Finca community is not only unique, but it is one-of-a-kind. It is the first ever sustainable treetop community in existence. But how did this incredibly unique project become reality? The idea sprouted from a trip to the Costa Rican rainforest by co-founders Mateo and Erica Hogan. Searching for a parcel of land on which to construct a simple vacation home, they stumbled across a gorgeous and massive area untouched by human influences. This land, however, was being sold for timber harvest. Saddened by the potential destruction of such a gorgeous area, they were determined to figure out how to afford the entire 62-acre property. Erica wondered if her friends and family might be interested in investing in the property. Instead of building just one vacation home, perhaps they could create an entire community in the rainforest.

Making the transition from concept to reality is a massive undertaking, especially when the construction of homes is involved. It requires large amounts of capital and resources, but more importantly, it requires the dedication and commitment of the people involved. The Finca Bellavista family is completely committed to making their community a reality. Managers Matt New and Amy Marino believe in the vision of Finca Bellavista so wholeheartedly that they took the enormous risk of giving up the security of their full-time salaries and pensions to move to Costa Rica and have committed their lives to establishing and managing the sustainable community. In addition, they have lived in a one-room cabin without running water or electricity to ensure that Finca Bellavista continues to grow and prosper. With such a passionate and motivated family, the Finca Bellavista community was destined to succeed. Many years later, the vision of a treehouse community in the middle of the Costa Rican rainforest that many may have thought was crazy has become reality. The original 62-acre property has expanded into a 600-acre paradise comprised of countless trees, amazing animals, and even two whitewater rivers that are home to waterfalls and numerous swimming holes. The community has a completed community center that provides dining services, a bath house, and even a wedding garden. In addition to the community center, various tree-houses and cabinas are scattered throughout the community.

The homes at Finca Bellavista aren’t typical backyard tree-houses. They are state of the art projects built with sustainability in mind. The Finca family is committed to preserving the pristine environment they saved from timber harvesting. The environment is the first priority in every decision made, and that is what makes Finca Bellavista so special. In order to further reduce human impact on the rainforests the Finca team has drafted plans for a “Fusion Home” known as El Mirador Bellavista. Not only is this new home well-deserved, as Matt and Amy have lived in a 200 square foot cabin containing nothing more than a bed while managing Finca Bellavista, but it will allow them to live on-site and more effectively manage the growth of this amazing community. The new addition to the community will feature the most innovative technology yet, and will embody the “free home” spirit at the backbone of Finca Bellavista. Utilizing a sophisticated rain capture and filtration system, as well as solar-powered electrical systems, El Mirador Bellavista will provide clean water and electricity with virtually no monthly costs. In addition, the home will feature a smart control system that allows residents to open and close curtains, dim the lights, and unlock or lock doors from anywhere in the world. It is absolutely amazing that such an advanced home can be both sustainable and carry virtually no monthly costs.

All of the plans for the home are completed. In fact, the steel framing for “El Mirador Bellavista” is already being constructed. All that is left to give Matt and Amy the sustainable home they have worked so hard to create is to fund the construction and purchase of the remaining building materials. The Finca family is offering extremely generous and unique incentives for contributions to the building of El Mirador Bellavista. Contributors can have rocks with their names on them permanently placed in the gorgeous rock garden at Finca Bellavista. In addition, various residents have donated stays in their homes at extremely discounted prices in order to raise funding for the Fusion Home, Contributors can also win a one week all-inclusive stay in the absolutely beautiful Casa Perezosa! In addition to these rewards, an outstanding referral competition is underway.

Anyone who convinces a contributor to purchase a three or seven day all-inclusive stay in the completed El Mirador Bellavista will receive that same package completely free of charge! Only fifteen of these once in a lifetime offers are available though, so hurry to ​our crowdfunding project and claim one today. For more information about the Finca Bellavista community as a whole, visit us​ here​.

The time to make a difference is now. Join the Finca family in its quest to protect the beautiful Costa Rican rainforest and learn what is means to live amongst the trees. Learn what it means to live Pura

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