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Gazprom commissions new power unit at oldest CHPP in Moscow


CHPP-12 (former Frunzenskaya CHPP) is located in the Western Administrative District of Moscow at the Berezhkovskaya embankment. Its first power unit was put into operation in 1941. During the Great Patriotic War the CHPP’s power island was dismantled and evacuated, with its halls reequipped into tank repairing and railway-based power plant assembly shops. The CHPP saw rehabilitation in 1944 and subsequent re-commissioning in 1946. Since then, the plant turned to be the center of restoration and development of adjacent districts being clustered with administrative, scientific, educational and cultural facilities. The installed power capacity of CHPP-12 (before the CCGT-220 commissioning) was 400 MW, heat capacity – 1,757 Gcal/h.

The power island of the new unit was produced in Russia. The rated power capacity of the unit reaches 220 MW, the available capacity for district heating mode – 211.6 MW, the heat capacity – no less than 140 Gcal/h. Thus, CCGT-220 raised 1.5 times the installed power capacity of CHPP-12.

The plant is fired with natural gas – the most eco-friendly fossil energy source – as the main and stand-by fuel. Thereby, CCGT shows three times lower nitrogen oxide emissions versus conventional steam turbine units. Besides, CCGT-220 ensures more efficient water management through the closed-circuit cooling water system.

Due to lower consumption of natural gas by the new unit, the whole plant will reduce the specific fuel consumption by 15–20 per cent.

CCGT-220 was constructed in accordance with the Russian Government Directive No. 1334-r, dated August 11, 2010 (“On Approving the List of Power Generating Facilities to Be Used for Capacity Supply under Capacity Supply Agreements”). Mosenergo acts both as the party for CSA and the owner of CHPP-12. The controlling shareholder and the single executive body of Mosenergo is represented by Gazprom Energoholding, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gazprom.

CCGT-220 of CHPP-12 is the sixth power unit based on the cutting-edge combined cycle technology, commissioned at the Mosenergo plants since Gazprom Group’s entry into the power industry in 2007.