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Hardship of a Disfigured face of a Black woman in Hollywood.

photoshop what I would look like

Imagine, realizing that you're being Black female with Treacher Collins Syndrome, you're at the bottom of the pyramid. There's no hope for you in Hollywood.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2015 / -- Hardship of a Disfigured face of a Black woman in Hollywood.
Imagine the pain, realizing that you're different, to learn that being African American, female and having Treacher Collins Syndrome, you're really at the bottom of the pyramid. There is no hope for you in Hollywood.

I was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome with sunken cheeks and microtia ears.

People said, there are people who are worse off than me. That is not true. Everybody problems are the same measure. Everybody has their own challenges, physically, mentally, financially, culturally...
Society is a mess. People bully people who are slightly different. People are unkind to people who are slightly different. When will people just let everyone be what they are? When will everyone just try to get along?
A Jewish woman who was my counselor asked me what is my religion. I told her that I believe in Astrology. She paused. If I said I am a Christian, what would she have said, would she think I dislike Jewish people? Of course she wouldn't criticize my belief.
I told her that I had a dream about pulling up a moon tarot card, which means deception, and I was riding a cart with a few people and I realized I was going to hell. I was trying to get out of there... but someone pulled me back.
She smiled.
I guess she didn't have to preach to me.
She told me to go out and make some friends, so I did. I got on and decided to meet up with journalists at a restaurant in Studio City, CA. I ordered mako shark slider and alligator bites. I passed out a few papers to ask journalist if they can write an article about me. The event hosts said no, I can't do that. A hispanic event host told me to get out and an asian event host was pulling my arm to leave. I told her that I won't passed out anymore papers. She said okay. But the Hispanic event host asked me "what do you do?" with an attitude. I said nothing. But he is a blogger, to me that is nothing... anybody can be a blogger. He acted as if I got to be a high status person. I told him to stop judging me, allow me to learn from these other journalists.
I don't really need Affirmative Action to help me, I had job offers... but I didn't want to work in the warehouse or do computer graphics. Filmmaking is my passion. I want to be a successful film maker. Everyone discourages me. What? Do I have to be a white male to be a hollywood film maker? Whether I work at the warehouse, or in graphic design, it is hard to pay for my car, my mortgage and up to $100,000 in medical bills.
On Craigslist I saw a post that said she was willing to train a volunteer to be a film art designer. I contacted her and she said I could come over. When I first met her, she was not happy to see me. I looked around and saw that most of the crew on the set was female. There was also a female publicist in a wheelchair, and a black man who is the writer, producer and director of his short film. So what is the problem? My face. I did painting, sweeping, lifting, cleaning, and ...oops... paint on my clothes. I had to force them to credit me in the IMDB. And they finally did.
So I guess I need to have some works done on my face and ears in order to lessen the limitation and discrimination because everybody isn't going to read this article and be educated. No matter how hard you advocate, there will always be shallow and hateful people. So surgery is the solution to my problem, not psychiatrist and xanax.
Soon after that I decided to visit a doctor, he said he would do ear reconstruction surgery, fat injection in my cheeks and implanted BAHA for $30,000. I was so excited. I gave the billing specialist my Health Net insurance card. Because I have medicaid, they called it Medi_CAL in California. The billing specialist said they don't accept that. Another worker there suggested that I get some grant or learn how to start a fundraise. I have no one to help me raise money. I did set up IndieGoGo and Kickstarter pages, but still at $0. Now the price has gone up, $55,000 for the ear reconstuction surgery, $15,000 for fat injection and $45,000 for BAHA. I guess Doctors are withdrawing from Medi_CAL, maybe because they merged with Obamacare.
So I decided to set up a GoFundMe page, in order to raise money for my medical bills. It's still at $0.... didn't raise any money. Failure. Jay Z gave donation to bail out protesters in Baltimore, MD. I'm so unlucky.

Please help me out here.. go to Thank you.

Patrice Edwards
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