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Water Gallery Attains BLUEdot Register Certified Carbon Neutral Label

Limited Edition Wyland inspired Water Gallery Bottles

Viewing artwork through the water results not only in a beautiful depth to the bottle, but a fitting reflection on the ocean awareness theme of Wyland's work.

LONG BEACH, CA, USA, June 25, 2015 / -- June 24, 2015 - LONG BEACH, Calif. -- Water Gallery, creators of elegant reusable glass bottles featuring the art of renowned marine life artist Wyland, announced they have been awarded the BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral certification. Certification was reached as a result of comprehensively reducing and eliminating the carbon footprint of the entire bottle line’s supply chain. The BLUEdot certification assures a net zero carbon emission for every Water Gallery purchase from raw materials through a life span of reuses by the end customer.

The Water Gallery concept focuses on tying beauty, eco-friendliness, and environmental awareness together in a unique way. Water Gallery’s premium Italian Rocco Bormioli glass bottles feature a 22k gold frame, which frame a view of iconic artwork of renowned marine life artist and environmentalist, Wyland. Viewing the artwork through the water results not only in a beautiful depth to the bottle, but a fitting reflection on the ocean awareness theme of Wyland's work.

Each Water Gallery bottle is hand-decorated in California. The result is a re-usable bottle which can be collected, gifted, displayed, and most importantly, reused hundreds of times before it is recycled. “We are committed not only to the creation of an elegant product, but also to the advancement of a sustainable world” said Water Gallery founder Kenny Laskan. “Water Gallery is about making re-use a gorgeous option and encouraging a minimization of waste with a maximization of beauty.”

The BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral label is granted only to organizations or products that have eliminated the carbon footprint of their entire supply chain. To achieve BLUEdot certifiation, a line must account for and eliminate its entire greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the international certification standard. The BLUEdot process has three primary components:

· An analysis of a product’s full life-cycle carbon footprint starting at raw material harvest.

· Working to identify any areas for future carbon emission reduction.

· Taking responsibility for the elimination of all production life-cycle emissions impacts, even those outside of Water Gallery’s direct control, through use of BLUEdot Offsets.

About BLUEdot

BLUEdot Offsets are micro-scale, third-party certified carbon offsets investing in alternative energy or carbon capture projects. Projects supported by BLUEdot Offsets rely on offsets to provide gap financing. The end result is a product whose purchase yields net-zero carbon emissions while supporting much needed carbon reduction projects that would not otherwise happen.

About the Artist

“Wyland’s art helps to change the way people think about the environment and the health of our oceans” said BLUEdot Register Co-founder Colleen Redmond. “Water Gallery’s quality product and environmental mission is a perfect fit for the BLUEdot certification process and we are delighted to be working with them.”

“Water Gallery is about continuing that work and we look to expand people’s awareness of our environment and how we can reduce our impact while enhancing the beauty in our lives” said Laskan. “We look to work with organizations which share our vision of a sustainable world – that is why we are affiliated with the Wyland Foundation and that is why we sought to be BLUEdot Certified Carbon Neutral.”

About Water Gallery

Water Gallery creates hand-decorated premium Italian Rocco Bormioli glass bottles, with the art of renowned artist Wyland. Each bottle is filled with pristine natural spring or sparkling water, sourced from Southern California’s beautiful Palomar Mountain. A portion of Water Gallery proceeds go to support the Wyland Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world’s ocean, waterways, and marine life.

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About BLUEdot Register

BLUEdot Register, is a program of Pale Blue Dot LLC. It is a platform for increasing public awareness of climate change and to help individuals and businesses understand, reduce and eliminate their carbon footprint.

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