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Communities Take Control of Their Energy and Produce Their Own Power with This Rediscovered Electrical Solution

Radiant energy reluctance generator

Global co-development of a potentially fuel-less generator based on an invention of Tesla, which uses a different type of energy than conventional electricity.

I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success.
— Nikola Tesla
SALEM, MA, USA, June 13, 2015 / -- Many homes and businesses around the world are now powered by locally owned renewable energy projects, saving communities money and transforming the way power is generated for the public. The most well know are solar and wind, but there is another form of alternative energy that is being created by hundreds of engineers around the world in the privacy of their home workshops.

It's called a Reluctance Generator and to put it simply, it's a highly efficient, potentially fuel-less generator that can assist in cutting energy costs. Reluctance generators are an older form of energy production discovered by the Inventor Nikola Tesla in the 1920's. Like many other electrical inventions from this time period, they were discovered but went undeveloped due to financial constraints and political climates such as the advent of World War II.

The energy crisis of the last few decades has spurred the re-visitation of reluctance generators, which arecurrently slated to dominate the alternative energy industry despite the new technologies that are coming out.

The most recent development is that of retired Electrical Engineer James Robitaille, who built a reluctance generator called the QEG and gave away the plans for free on the internet in March of 2014 through an online volunteer organization called "Fix The World". The open sourcing of this technology quickly went viral.180,000 people downloaded the plans, and at least 70 of these devices are being built by communities, groups and individuals in as many as 30 countries.

Support for grassroots energy is growing and since 2012 local investors have pumped almost $60 million into kick-starting their own community energy projects. The way people power their homes and businesses has changed. As more people get on board the need for dominant energy companies will diminish and the power will literally be placed back into the hands of the consumer.

Communities are demanding more ways to generate their own power. One answer to this demand is in a new E-book titled "How to build and Energy Efficient Generator. For the DIY Engineering Enthusiast".By Authors, James Robitaille and Tivon Rivers. It's an instruction book that provides detailed information on how to build a reluctance generator. The book is the result of 2 years of experience with building this device, by two engineers that have a background of 50 years of combined experience in the electrical engineering industry.

A Note from the Authors:

"We couldn't keep up with the hundreds of emails and questions we were getting from people who wanted to learn how to build. So we decided it would be best to put all of our knowledge into an online class, which we then condensed into an E-Book. We needed this to be the most complete instruction manual ever, so we provided diagrams, schematics, suppliers and parts lists, step by step instructions, and a full education on how electricity in this kind of a generator works."

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