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Antonio Amador


Prime Minister Netanyahu called evil by its name, and no one can say they were not warned
— Amador
STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2015 / -- Stockton— Antonio C. 'Tony' Amador, the 2014 challenger in the race for California’s 9th District Congressional seat, and a possible challenger in 2016, questioned Democrats in Congress, such as Rep. Nancy Pelosi for her speech antics and Rep. Jerry McNerney, for bailing on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before a joint-session of Congress.

“McNerney and Pelosi showed a tremendous amount of disrespect and arrogance, not only to the prime minister, but to the people of Israel,” Amador said. “Pelosi can’t sit and listen to a speech without histrionics? Both Democrat’s behavior were shameful.”

“Putting partisanship over statesmanship did not win any points for Pelosi and McNerney. It’s just another reminder of how Jerry McNerney fails to represent us” said Amador. “And, why did Nancy Pelosi throw a tantrum that drove her to tears?”

Amador, a former U.S. Marshal, said that Netanyahu’s speech was a forceful wake up for America’s leaders on the danger of a nuclear Iran. “Prime Minister Netanyahu called evil by its name, and no one can say they were not warned,” said Amador.

“No one who skipped the Israeli leader’s speech can ever say again that they support Israel,” Amador continued. “The evidence that Netanyahu presented cannot be ignored,” Amador commented.

“If stopping Iran’s aggression and support of terrorism is not part of the deal,” Amador said, “then it is a bad deal for Israel and the world.”

Amador said Congress should reject any treaty that does not absolutely halt Iran’s vast nuclear program. “We don’t need to turn our backs on most valuable ally in the mideast.”

“It’s appeasement at best. How else do you describe any deal that does not insure that all capacities to manufacture enriched uranium are halted forever not just for a decade?” Amador said. “Iran cannot continue to call for the destruction of the State of Israel and be counted on to keep any bargain.”

Amador said, “Congressman Jerry McNerney and Nancy Pelosi would rather support a deal that only appeases the Ayatollahs for the moment rather than insures the security of both the US and Israel. I agree with the prime minister that Iran is not a Jewish problem anymore than Nazis were a Jewish problem. It is a threat to all of us.”

“We must face the future with courage, and we need strong leadership to combat evil,” Amador said. “Once again, McNerney falls short.”
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