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The Geopolitics of Asia and the Future of China

A Geopolitical, Military Geostrategy and Economic Study With interrelationship roles of Japan, Taiwan, The Koreas, India and Pakistan with China

China has become rich and powerful and yet I see a nation muted with corruption, disorder and chaos. Life has become gloomy. A system of morality developed over a millennium is unraveling.
— Yan Lianke, winner of the Franz Kafka Prize
CUENCA, ECUADOR, January 14, 2015 / -- Dr. Sterling Kerr released the geopolitical e-book entitled the Future of China, second edition, in late December 2014. When he began teaching international studies courses on East and South China it became apparent that there was no up-to-date book available anywhere in the world for his classes. The second edition brought the book up-to-date and added interrelationship roles of China to Asian countries including Taiwan, Japan, North and South Korea, Indian and Pakistan.
A combination of the e-book and a complimentary blog ( allows the subject matter to remain vibrantly current. Readers will find themselves attempting to solve important problem-solving questions such as: How did President Xi Jinping become absolute leader of China? Will the emergence of neo-Maoism under President Xi rein as it relates to the Red Nobility, corruption and pro-democratic movement solidify the Communist Party? Will the anti-corruption campaigns conclude favorable or lead to a revolt involving the civilian elite and the senior military? How will the flash points of the disputed islands, China vs Japan, the two Koreas as well as India vs Pakistan play out? How will China address the Muslim Uighur separatist problem? Will China’s new Silk Road expansion succeed economically? Will the Sino-Russian natural gas agreements change the geopolitics of the Asia-Pacific? How does military geostrategy relate to the future of the region?
Dr. Kerr is a geopolitical professor who has spent years researching and periodically teaching courses on China beginning in 1999 at SUNY Potsdam in New York State and traveling to China multiple times. More recently he taught courses emphasizing East and South Asia and the Middle Kingdom. This interdisciplinary e-book amalgamating geopolitics, economics, future studies, demography and military analysis was formulated so it could be afforded by students and interested adults globally.
Prior to Kerr’s retirement, he was a Certified Financial Planner and investment advisor who lectured nationally and internationally. It was during travels especially to China where lasting impressions were garnered. He has been listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who in Finance and Industry and International Who’s who. It was his business experience involving creative thinking and problem solving that was later incorporated into university teaching. Dr. Kerr Has a Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma.

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