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Elizabeth Harrison of Brain Body Balance to be Featured on CUTV News Talk Radio

It’s like cutting the roots so life’s weeds can’t grow back.
— Elizabeth Harrison
NAPLES, FLORIDA, USA, January 2, 2015 / -- We all have painful memories that we wish we could erase but they persist in replaying without our permission. Our unresolved negative experiences affect our lives in ways we did not intend. These memories collect over time and block brain and body communication, causing panic, depression, anxiety as well as health and relationship problems.

Elizabeth Harrison is an energy psychology coach and co-creator along with her husband and psychologist Dr. Noble Harrison, of Brain Body Balance, a life change system of simple techniques designed to change the brain’s destructive habits like deleting a virus from a computer.

Neuroscience now contends that your brain is plastic, changeable. Given the techniques, your brain can confuse pain memories and unravel the related negative emotions making it easy to discover the truth and live a life of inner peace, with purpose and prosperity.

“It’s like cutting the roots so life’s weeds can’t grow back.” explains Harrison. “The techniques confuse and delete negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings which in some cases can go back seven generations. Neural pathways change, your brain and body release old habits in seconds, setting you free to have better moods, relationships and health without a wait or struggle. Positive change is fast, easy and lasting.”

According to Harrison, there’s one basic theme to what makes us anxious, depressed, fearful. It is our fear of deprivation. You can fill in the blank, “I am deprived of….” It’s the specific belief that runs the show of our lives we’re forever trying to resolve. Until we unravel and rearrange that program our past will continue to compromise our future.

Through a series of integrated modalities, including Acupuncture Meridian Tapping, Touch for Health, EMDR and much more, the Brain Body Balance Techniques confuse the neural pathways, changing the way the images of our past are formatted in our brain to unravel our associated beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

“The techniques are simple and take minutes to learn and use.” explains Elizabeth. “They confuse and delete painful memories so your brain can’t remember to go back to its reactive habits. You remember that it happened, but the negative picture, thoughts and feelings fade, making it easier to glean the intended lessons and truths that set you free to live with greater inner peace.”

CUTV News Talk Radio will feature Elizabeth Harrison in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on January 5th at 10am EST.

Listen to the show If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

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