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New Thought Artists, Musicians and Writers set the tones with high notes at Canadian Conference

Rev. Dr. Norma Sackheim, Spiritual Leader of World Religious Science

Mystic New Thought artist Barbara Hull with her painting Secrets

Rabin loves to jam and encourage success in others, he is a trust spiritual master

Team of New Thought Artists, Musicians and Writers unveil the relationship between Science and Spirituality in a full spectrum of notes and tones.

Tao #8 ~ h2o Ф your true path like water flows, dissolves, dances, falls, rises, is one with everything
EDMONTON, ALBERTA , CANADA, May 30, 2014 / -- "Dirt City" is the name Millennial give Edmonton. Of course, the name stirs up controversy, so I set about to find out what it means. Edmonton is a city filled with talent, amazing artists, actors and writers. I thought perhaps the moniker might allude to the mounds of dirt and snow (covered with dirt) which can be seen next to the highway as one comes from the airport, or perhaps it is about the pervasive construction springs for every spring around the city. Up, up and into the sky. It is a deeper thing, deeper than the mineral wealth within the dirt that supports the awesome city of Edmonton. The Western Canada Sedimentary Basin under Alberta is filled with mineral wealth: diamonds, oil, lithium, gold and more.... All of these are excellent sources for this metaphor, but I think the deeper truth about the moniker "Dirt City" is found within the awesome talent of Edmonton. Quiet visual artists take inspiration from the fertile valley, the great food, while talented writers describe these things and the art depicting them. Yet there is a beat, a drumbeat, both organically generated by the industrial bustle, but also the beats of an Underground Indy Music and Video scene. The real metaphor is that creativity does not come from the sterile or the clean but rather from the fertile dirt of life which receives the seeds of creativity and supports creation in this working class city. The creation rises from the "down and dirty" which is welling up like Albertan oil but this wealth is from within the heart beat of creators like Trevor Anderson ( tapped by Bavarian Filmmeister Werner Herzog as one of the hot new indy filmmakers.

We see this fertile organic wealth springing forth from the palette of Barbara Hull ( Her work often begins on canvas, then appears upon books, CD covers, postcards and more. Self realized Spiritual Master & Independent New Thought Maven Avalon de Rosset found the perfect source for the cover of the book he is co-writing with Rev. Dr. Norma Sackheim: Secrets of Your Soul. ( "Doc" contacted Rev. Dr. Norma Sackheim who is the head writer on their collaboration to review and decide if they were going to go with Barbara's work. Dr. Norma, who has been teaching the Science of Mind form of New Thought for over 50 years, was thrilled with Barbara Hull's work. Rev. Dr. Norma chose: "Secrets, mixed media on arches". (
Rev. Dr. Norma Sackheim is the Spiritual Leader of World Religious Science, as well as founder of Religious Science South Africa. An ardent espouser of true prosperity principles, Rev. Norma is one of the first New Thought Spiritual Leaders to take advantage of the Sage Senior archiving services of Her book Privilege of Choice is growing in popularity.

Musician Rabin Mendis has also benefited from the artwork of Barbara Hull. The CD cover of Whole, Perfect and Complete! is another wonderful artwork by Barbara. "Music is a gift that I was given in my mother's womb. She played piano while carrying me: Mozart and Brahms echoed though my body as I grew within. Brahms’s lullaby awakens something in me whenever played on piano. When a 13 year old jock, I heard a piano playing, something echoed within me. There was an opportunity to learn piano. I couldn't resist and from that moment, I played for hours on end until 18 or 19. At that time I began working and in Sri Lanka playing the piano is not considered appropriate for an adult male. I stopped for a long time, yet I would be walking along, hearing music in my heart, notes, compositions, whispers and inspirations. I was unable, not allowed to express, yet instead of fading, the inner whispers grew louder. I came to Canada and the first thing I did was buy a piano and allow the whispers to expand."

"Around 2000, I found myself at a Spiritual Living Centre. It was quite inspiring. Each week that I went, a lady sang a cappella. The band at that centre had broken up, but she still came every week, stood up and sang. I offered to accompany her and my journey into the New Thought music scene began. She created a choir which my wife Trish joined. That is how she met her best friend: 'Sisters by choice.' One day this wonderful soul came down with breast cancer and eventually died."

"I felt blue, those whispers began. This time I could go to the piano and play. There was a flow, a musical catharsis. This sad situation inspired a song which helped me to heal the rift within, created by the pain. I discovered this is one way of inspiration. Moments filled with emotion, then an impetus, a push, I start writing and the expression is music. Another way that I am inspired is through the works of Rev. Tim Peterson, Florence Scovel Shinn ( and Emma Curtis Hopkins. ( Rev. Tim has a way of speaking which is like the writing of the masters. We consider him a self-realized Canadian Master. He delves within his inner world and translates a spiritual concept or principle in such a way that it inspires. Tim is that way. There are many of us who listen to his talks and write down parts of them to carry around. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a card on which is written: 'Live well, laugh deep and love always". My writing comes easier as I relax into my natural divine flow. I don't try to be something different. I love Blues & Classic Rock, so I stay true to these influences while putting a New Thought twist on the lyrics."

"I believe the frequency of sound has a certain impact emotionally and physically so I choose the frequency in which I play. When extemporizing, I open to the flow of spirit through my heart, mind and body, especially the meditation music, it flows through me."

"I would not say that my music is pious, but rather energetic and upbeat. I once sent one of my CD's to my aunt, who is Roman Catholic. One day I picked up the mail. There was a card. She wrote back: 'your music has really helped me because whenever I feel depressed I put it on and feel better.'"

Another musician playing at the New Thought Conference is Carrie Day. ( I am told she was a child prodigy who went to the University early where she studied music and feeling the need to relax started taking Yoga classes. When I ask her about what she likes about New Thought, her eyes light up: "I love the community, oneness and the speakers, but mostly I love the open minds and open hearts." Carrie reads a lot of Wayne Dyer, loves Herman Hesse but is most enthusiastic about the Tibetan Book of Living and dying. "I like the Bardo Thardol, I think it is a teaching that resonates more than a lot of the other teachings that I have followed. When we actively live through compassion, we eliminate a lot of stress. There is deep truth and wisdom within Tibetan Buddhism. It is a system which makes sense, a way of living. Train your mind, the heart follows, and life moves in a new direction." She pauses, a depth, a timber comes into her voice: "Also the Tao is always cropping up within my life, It is a touchstone that seems to echo and reverberate in certain moments. I think of passages and they seem to be mirrored within time and space." ( Carrie sees things, notices events and people, then relates the way focus and attention transforms experience. "Soul Shine was inspired by my daughter. She is a jewel in the Lotus. I wrote it after I taught her how to ride her bike. I love being there for her and was inspired by the importance for each of us to feel loved, supported and guided." I ask: How do you feel about life, and how does your music express this? "Life is about revealing universal love, about living deeper, fuller and letting go of the past patterns that keep you from seeing what is right there, right now. I think the title track of my latest album encapsulates this: "Slow down, be in the moment, notice the beauty within the two pine trees or the grain of sand, love it and live it."

The grain of sand, the seed within, the life, the laughter and the love, these are the themes rising up from the sidewalks of "Dirt City". Another artist told me the full moniker is: "Dirt City :: Dream City".

The phone rings, Pastor Michael Mangus, spiritual leader of Summit Spiritual Center ( is the Program Director for which is also Mangus is putting together another radio show. This one is Morning Miracles basically a positive show that gets your day going, helping you to set the intention of feeling good and being good. "This show will be a mix of meditations, New Thought readings and New Thought music, without all the hype and craziness of some morning shows these days. He is going over things with Rabin Mendis, the music director.

Michael Mangus is considered the "Marriage Master" and when there are enough students he will sometimes teach a course called Mangus Marriage Mastery. The rumour is that one year he married over 211 couples using a voluntary contributions system. His couples are almost universally happy. It is like the festival. People come together and share.

Rev. Tim Peterson is bringing people together from around the world to talk about spirit, science, music and art to "live well, laugh deeply and love always."
The conference opens today at 7pm.

Rev. Steve Walling
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