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China goes for British English

Top China University Press signs co-publishing agreement for revolutionary new British all-on-film English Speech and Pronunciation course

LONDON AND BEIJING, UK AND CHINA, March 25, 2014 / -- English Speech and Pronunciation Limited (“ES&P”)

Beijing Language and Culture University Press (“BLCUP”)

ES&P and BLCUP are delighted to announce the signing of a co-publishing agreement granting BLCUP exclusive rights to publish special editions of English Speech and Pronunciation: the complete course in the People’s Republic of China.

ES&P is a specialist independent British publishing house founded specifically to create and produce this course, which is presented by top British actors and tutors on some twenty hours of superb film. It was over four years in the making and is unique in content, method and effectiveness.

BLCUP is part of Beijing Language and Culture University, which has over 700 staff (including 300 at associate or full professorial level) and is internationally recognised as a leader in the teaching of Chinese and English as second languages. BLCUP is known throughout the world as a leading publisher of various CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) materials, from courses and skills to professional books and journals. The current list of titles reflects a continuing commitment to address the needs of non-native speakers and their teachers, to further language research, and to explore burgeoning new technologies that encompass audio, video, CD-ROM software, e-Book, mobile APP and beyond. It currently publishes over 3000 titles (which include over 200 ESL titles). BLCUP is also well known in China for its whole variety of English pronunciation courses. Its special edition of the English Speech and Pronunciation course is scheduled for publication during 2014.

BLCUP wishes to offer top Chinese students and professionals the benefit of ES&P’s unique and innovative all-on-film “total immersion” course to enable them to learn to speak correct, fluent, attractive and idiomatic English with a good English accent that is understood and admired everywhere in the English-speaking world.

William Lee, Assistant Director and English Editor of BLCUP’s Department of Foreign Language Education, says: “We detect an increasing preference for British rather than American English among top Chinese students and professionals. There is also a general perception (as there is even in America) that British English carries more cachet than American, and the British television series Downton Abbey and films like The Kings’ Speech (two of whose actors are members of the team presenting the course) have undoubtedly impressed many Chinese with the beauty and elegance of classic English speech and pronunciation. This is a top course for high-flyers. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world. Having the whole course both in text and presented on film by top actors is very effective and absorbing. We are excited to have exclusive co-publishing rights for the PRC and look forward to bringing out our first special edition later this year. As our name implies, BLCUP is strongly aware of the connection of Language and Culture and finds the course doubly attractive for giving so many fascinating insights into British life, culture, history and literature as well as teaching the highest quality of English speech and pronunciation”.

Clare Greenhalgh, co-founder of ESP with her father, says: “It is a real feather in our cap that this tremendously distinguished University press wishes to co-publish our course in what is rapidly becoming the world’s major economy. The creation of our completely revolutionary all-on-film course was a huge undertaking, and our recognition of its excellence by BLCUP vindicates our faith and vision. While obviously very beneficial for all students and professionals coming to study or work in the United Kingdom from China or any other country, our course has a wider value. With English as the main international language for the foreseeable future the ability to speak it fluently, correctly, confidently and attractively is essential in almost all professions, and with English Speech and Pronunciation you know you are getting the very best. It is something that can truly change lives. We speak to succeed in a competitive world.”

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