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EquityBuild News - Listen and Learn How Real Estate Enriches Your Family's Future

Turnkey - Passive Real Estate Investing

NAPLES, FL, July 17, 2013 / -- While it is an established fact that real estate investing has created about 90% of the world's millionaires over the last two centuries, many are unsure how to make that happen. Kira Golden, Senior Advisor at EquityBuild,a real estate investment firm, and EquityBuild Finance, its funding unit, will explain how to make that dream a reality in a Webinar presentation on Thursday, July 18th at 7 pm.

In a previous webinar, Shaun Cohen, President of EquityBuild Finance, detailed how to utilize private mortgage note investing to prosper. Private mortgages are loans from investors to those seeking to buy real estate. Of particular note to those listening was Cohen's reporting that private mortgage note investing with EquityBuild Finance was returning 12%. Making this even more attractive was Cohen's statement that there had been no defaults for any of the private mortgages provided by EquityBuild Finance.

Obviously, private mortgage note investing with EquityBuild Finance is an excellent way to pass wealth on the next generation with 12% returns and no defaults. There are many other types of real estate investing from EquityBuild and EquityBuild Finance that could be suitable, too. These include foreclosures, flipping properties, small apartment buildings, and turnkey properties.

As EquityBuild was founded in 2005 by Jerry Cohen, its President, who has been investing in real estate since 1984, it is obviously an institution that can be counted on to endure for the future. Over that period, Cohen has been a principal in more than 1000 real estate transactions. That is a record that can be trusted with investing to preserve wealth for the generations to come.

Even though the real estate market is recovering from The Great Recession, there are still gains ahead. Golden will outline how to prepare to benefit from those profits, not just for you, but for your family in the years ahead to pay for college, buy homes, and engender financial security. She will discuss and then answer questions about the merits of passive vs active investing; and which properties are the best to fit your personal needs and financial goals.

Golden's presentation will focus on how to best structure those real estate investments to teach your children and grandchildren how to prosper from owning properties. She has been an active investor in real estate, owning properties around the world. Golden is very experienced in the world of investing, and is the holder of both graduate and undergraduate degrees from The George Washington University. Previously, she worked at the investment house of Edward Jones as a financial advisor.

CLICK HERE to register for Kira's call tomorrow to start the financial planning for your loved ones' future.


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