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G Found It – U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery

/ Augusta, GA - March 27, 2013 -- Glyn Howard, science teacher/meteoritics scientist, discovered, mapped, collected, and classified a new world record Mars meteorite find with more collected TKW than the Apollo Lunar Rocks. This discovery shatters all Mars achondrite records. This is a discovery of price-less scientific and monetary worth. USA’s most valuable collected natural treasures are the Apollo Moon rocks, valued at $50,000/g, with a total mass of about 382Kg. This Mars discovery is more mass than all Apollo mission Moon rocks combined. (Mars meteorites are not valued at $50,000/g.)

Glyn says, “I won’t say when, where, or how, not until contractual project agreements are made firm.”

It takes discoverers to make scientific discoveries. Doing science and making scientific discoveries is not a crime. There is a right to protect discoveries and intellectual property. All collecting laws were abided by. No rules/laws were violated. The discovery was found on private property, or on another’s private land for which permission was granted to collect, or the discovery was made on city, county, state, or federal public lands open for collecting. The first, second, or third scenario, or two of the three scenarios, or all three scenarios are true.

Glyn states, “I have stood on Mars, walked on Mars, and I have held Mars in my hands. Many will say, ‘Prove it.’ I can since my study/report is very complete. It’s empirical.”

Two key type specimens from the discovery were analyzed, with several collected specimens that are made of the two key type specimens ingeniously combined, therefore petro logically related. The meteorites have been validated through macro and micro evidences, through impact shock metamorphism affects at the micro-grain level using thin-section analysis via optical mineralogy, with shock levels of (S4/S5). They are igneous Felsic and Intermediate-Felsic rocks from a differentiated planetary body using whole-rock oxide petrology analysis and optical mineralogy. The exact igneous rock classifications have been identified. Oxide whole rock analysis and optical mineralogy have validated the parent body as Mars (using 7 – 9 different parent body validating tests for both type specimens). This discovery represents two new Mars meteorite classes/groups, on par with the ALH84001 and the new ‘Black Beauty’ Mars meteorites in terms of astrogeological significance and importance.

Laser fluorination analysis of oxygen isotopes (16O,17O,18O), and noble gas analyses from mineral glass to validate trapped Martian atmosphere should be done. These tests shall validate that the origin is Mars, since all other tests validate they are meteorites, from a differentiated planetary body, and the PB is Mars.

Glyn also states, “This heterogeneous Mars meteoroid was ejected from the surface of Mars by a massive metallic asteroid impactor that slammed into Mars at hyper-velocity speeds within a Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide deposit that is rich in ‘The Royal Group 11’ elements of Copper and Silver.”

Gold and the PGMs have yet to be tested. Both key type specimens indicate Copper and Silver at grams/tonne (g/t) concentrations that could very well be profitable mineable ores here on Earth. Samples tested should indicate that Gold and the PGMs would also be at mineable (g/t) concentrations. Mars has strategic elemental metal and mineral wealth as suspected that this discovery validates. There are many more discoveries to be shared.

As for astrobiology, the search for crypto-endolithic fossilized bio-morphs and the possibility for validation of past life on Mars, the search for water on Mars, further understanding of Mars planetary astrogeology, and Mars element and mineral strategic economic evaluation, this discovery should prove revolutionary.

There is enough Mars meteorite material to satisfy The Smithsonian Institute, the state(s) of discovery, NASA, as well as choice specimens for meteorite collection. In addition, all the Mars meteoritic material will be scientifically available for further meteoritic studies.

To the meteorite community, the ACLU was privately made aware of the discovery and intellectual property as a safeguard to protect Glyn’s Constitutional Bill of Rights, immediately after the successful landing of MSL Curiosity. Within one month thereafter meteorite laws radically changed. However, this discovery significantly predates these attempts. The hope is to avoid another unethical and unjust ‘Old Woman Meteorite’ fiasco, as told in detail of the very first infamous story in the book The Silence and the Sun, by retired geologist Joe De Kehoe.

“No matter where the discovery was made, it’s the Peoples’ National Treasure. It’s a bit of Indiana Jones, Eight Below, and National Treasure all in one. It’s not a treasure to be locked away. I want the people to benefit,” Glyn further adds.

Eighty-five percent of the total value of this discovery shall be used for emergency disaster relief, jobs, care for the poor, homeless, and hungry, public education, provide for our National Parks, and clean renewable energy production, while 15% will be applied to the Discovery Reward/Finder’s Fee for Glyn’s foundation.

Glyn finishes with this to say, “I’m a man of science and I’m a man of faith, as many of our founding fathers of modern science were. First fruits to Adonai. Baruch HaShem Adonai Elohim. Tikkun Olam. Shalom.
To the Obama Administration, and PhD Glenn MacPherson of the Smithsonian Institute, it’s time to talk.”

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