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The Resolution Law Group Pc, Greenwich, Ct. - The U.S. housing market

/ The U.S. housing market is still in trouble, says Geoffrey Broderick of The Resolution Law Group.
RealtyTrac recently reported that foreclosure starts have once again increased in “problem” States across America. RealtyTrac tracks real estate foreclosures and sales in the United States.

According to the recent report, Nevada’s foreclosure starts jumped 334% in February, 2013, compared with the same month in 2012. Other States with huge spikes included Maryland (319% increase over last year), Washington (172% increase), New York (139% increase), and New Jersey (70% increase).

Geoffrey Broderick, the senior partner of the Resolution Law Group, says “the RealtyTrac report confirms what those watching the market already know. Despite what the media and politicians continue to report, homeowners continue to struggle and people keep losing their homes.” Most people are unaware of how bad the housing market still is. Mr. Broderick adds that “The housing market will continue to suffer until it is fixed by the Courts or the Legislature. Somebody has to fix the problem. That is why The Resolution Law Group continues its fight for homeowners. Homeowners cannot expect the problem to fix itself.”

The Resolution Law Group continues to prosecute ground breaking litigation in Federal Court on behalf of homeowners suing lenders and servicers for, among other things, the illegal use of MERS, robo-signing, and intentionally ignoring underwriting standards and encouraging inflated appraisals.
The Resolution Law Group is currently enrolling clients into the pending lawsuit. For further information, visit its website at