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EmployPDX - Portland, Oregon’s newest online job board

/ Portland, OR - February 12, 2013 -- Locally owned and operated EmployPDX is excited to announce that it has officially launched it’s job board website focusing exclusively on bringing together Portland, Oregon’s employers and jobseekers.

EmployPDX is an extremely efficient and streamlined resource for both employers and jobseekers in the Portland, Oregon Metro region. A true ‘opportunity tool’ that provides a free service for jobseekers who are looking for the most up to date local job positions, as well as an incredibly affordable option for employers to post jobs they need to fill.

“Having lived in Portland for quite a few years now, one of the many things that I’ve fallen in love with is the real sense of community.” Says designer and founder, Joshua Provonchee. “So you can imagine my surprise by the lack of locally owned and operated job boards that were efficient and affordable. There just weren’t any. What I did find were either oversized nation wide monsters, or if they were regional, they were way too expensive for a small business to comfortably afford. So I built EmployPDX, not only for Portland, but specifically with Portlanders in mind.” is the essential local online job board and employer resource that will open the doors of opportunity and provide the advantage to both jobseekers and job providers in the Portland Oregon Metro area.

‘EmployPDX, we’re putting Portland Oregon to work.’

An experience with EmployPDX includes:

For Employers:

• Post jobs for a fraction of the cost of the competitors.
• Keep track of all of the job postings.
• Keep track of all of the applicants and their information.
• Reach a specific targeted community.

For Job Seekers:

• Search for jobs efficiently and quickly.
• Apply for jobs free of charge.
• Easily attach a cover letter and resume.
• No need to create an account or login.

13405 NE Eugene St.
Portland, OR 97230