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QliqSOFT Announces Integrated Self-Scheduling Into COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant Chatbot

Approved on January 14, 2021 21:13 GMT. The press release has been online for 3 days and 13 hours now.

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QliqSOFT Announces Integrated Self-Scheduling Into COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant Chatbot

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Over 500 healthcare organizations rely on QliqSOFT healthcare chatbots to connect 1M+ patients to COVID-19 resources DALLAS, TX, USA, January 14, 2021 /⁨⁩/ -- QliqSOFT Inc., specializing in HIPAA-compliant clinical collaboration and …

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Name: QliqSOFT COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant with Self-Scheduling
Caption: QliqSOFT's COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant with Self-Scheduling
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