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How to Choose a Press Release Distribution Service to Reach Audiences – Effectively and Without Killing Your Budget

You’ve got news and want to share it with audiences that want to hear what you have to say. So how and where do you begin to choose a press release distribution service? In a certain sense, reaching audiences is more difficult than ever, but the good news is that it’s also easier than ever. Consider the following:

First, ask yourselves – who do I need to reach with my news? Journalists? Which ones? By beat, subject, industry, geography? Investors? Consumers? The general public? Certainly, not everyone is interested in my news, so who and how do I reach those that will find my news important?

With many smaller and mid-sized newsrooms being challenged to stay open and larger ones having reporters do more with less, it’s harder to reach and connect with them – but it’s not impossible. It just means that you have to be focused and target journalists with news they can use -- and that goes for general consumer news or specialty media. In other words, become an integral part of their news operation. You should research reporters to see the news they cover and reach out to them. Never give up on the source-journalist relationship.

But just like you, when you’re looking for news of interest, reporters go-to sources where they can easily find news of interest – and sources they can trust. EIN Presswire is the where and how to reach journalists – especially through its World Media Directories.

In reaching the general public or consumers with your news, targeting is also important and a powerful search can help. Keywords, built-in metatags, and other SEO technologies help readers find news of interest through search. But they can also find you over news and social media platforms. EIN Presswire is the where and how to reach the public, too. That said, EIN Presswire is not a vehicle for disclosure of financial or market-moving news, but companies who are publicly traded can and do use EIN Presswire because of its powerful distribution platform to reach out to key audiences.

Unlike other press release distribution companies that require you to purchase expensive geographic distributions, EIN Presswire offers cost-effective and focused distributions. Depending on the distribution package you select, you can choose a specific subject or industry channels and even by geography -- that help reach appropriate media and public audiences, but also know that your headline and text (using keywords) help power search.

Using EIN Presswire is literally as easy as 1-2-3. No more confusing or frustrating experiences AND if you still need help, you can call and speak to an EIN Presswire team member.

  1. Set up your account (no cost)
  2. Choose a package of press releases that fits your needs, but it’s often better to buy a larger package because the cost per press release goes down significantly over single-use distributions AND because it’s always best to be prepared for additional news items that are sure to come up.
  3. Create your release by filling in the required fields. It’s highly suggested you fill in all fields, including social media keywords, etc. to get greater visibility and more positive results.
  4. Choose a distribution. Depending on the package you chose, multiple options will be available to choose from that help target your release. You’ll get to choose “channels” (by subject or by industry, as well as geographic choice – by country.) Even though your news release might be local or even state-focused, EIN Presswire’s proprietary technology will scan keywords in your headline, dateline, and text to further target the news accordingly.
  5. Submit your release for editorial approval. Select an immediate distribution or schedule for later.
  6. Track your results. The full distribution report will be available about two hours after your release is issued.
  7. Help your release to be seen. Post to your social media profiles and distribute to your own media lists.

About Press Release Distribution Guide

This Press Release Distribution Guide provided by EIN Presswire is designed for people trying to prepare and distribute press releases. We cover topics necessary for understanding press release distribution processes and developing an effective press release distribution strategy.