Thoroughbred Analytics Forecasts 2012 Preakness Stakes Horse Race

/ The 2012 Preakness Stakes Horse Race starts this Saturday, May 19th and the competition is high. The winner of the horse race will have a opportunity to win the the prestigious Triple Crown title. Thoroughbred Analytics software provides crucial Preakness horse racing data.

The Preakness Stakes, which is the second leg of the US Triple Crown takes place this Saturday, May 19th. The high stakes horse race determines the horse that will win the Triple Crown. With the Kentucky Derby over, the pressure is high, since this race is known as the halfway point with the Belmont Stakes ending the US Triple Crown horse series. Barely behind the Kentucky Derby by a hair, the Preakness Stakes horse race is considered the second most attended stakes race with hundreds of thousands watching. The race has been coined as "The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans" namely for the type of flowers which adorn the winner's neck each and every year.

The Preakness Stakes race occurs on the third Saturday in May every year and Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland has the honor of holding the prestigious race. The race almost always attracts the Kentucky Derby winner along with several horses that may not have started in the Derby. Compared to the 1 ¼ mile Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes is 1 3/16 miles long. The Belmont Stakes is 1 ½ miles and is one of the most arduous. With the competition close and the stakes high, Thoroughbred Analytics software offers data-driven horse racing software to assist horse enthusiasts with their handicapping bets.

Thoroughbred Analytics horse racing software provides a plethora of valuable horse racing data and information. The horse racing software utilizes accurate horse racing statistics, handicapping analytics, and much more to create detailed reports that provide key insight to the Preakness Stakes horse race and more.

Everything the thoroughbred handicapping software analyzes, such as important statistical information and historical horse racing data, is directly generated into valuable handicapping reports. These handicapping reports make it possible for horse fans to place more educated bets. With the Preakness Stakes a few days away, Thoroughbred Analytics software is aiding horse betters with a competitive edge before the competition.

Preakness followers can still acquire all encompassing information regarding jockey, trainer, and track analytics for the 2012 Preakness Stakes Race. Users can utilize Thoroughbred Analytics valuable horse racing data to retrieve access to all levels of valuable information in regards to the 2012 Preakness States Race, skill level is irrelevant as Thoroughbred Analytics program is user-friendly for all levels of horse racing fans. Thoroughbred Analytics thoroughbred handicapping software has proved itself a first-line resource for obtaining objective horse racing data that offers the best insight for the 2012 Preakness Stakes quick picks.

Active horse racing fans are quickly learning that they don't have to be placing their bets in the dark any longer. With advancing technologies and a knowledgeable team of professional analysts behind the Thoroughbred Analytics program, users are becoming fully equipped to enter the once volatile and ambiguous world of horse race betting. Invest in the Thoroughbred Analytics horse racing programs and users will soon be able to forecast who will most likely have the blanket of Black-Eyed Susans draped around their neck in 2012 before the event even takes place.

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