Rapidé Resplendé Instant Wrinkle Formula Presents Beauty Research on Aging

/EINPresswire.com/ Evolution Makes Women More Attractive, According to Research. Beauté de Paris' Rapidé Resplendé Instant Wrinkle Formula can help women maintain their natural beauty as they age.

Beauty Evolution Research:
Researchers have found that evolution is driving women to become more attractive, reports ABC News. In a study from the University of Helsinki, over 1,233 women and 997 men were followed through four decades of their life. A surprising result was that the women who were found most beautiful had up to 16 percent more children than their "plainer" counterparts. The study also showed that women on a whole are becoming more attractive than men.

Dr Jack da Silva, an evolution expert from the University of Adelaide, says that from an evolutionary perspective, there's a selection in women to be more beautiful. "For women, beauty was strongly correlated with the number of children they have, but it wasn't for men," said da Silva before adding that attractive parents have been found to have a higher ratio of daughters to sons.

"One of the predictions is that if you are an attractive woman, you will have more daughters because being more attractive is more beneficial to women than it is to men," said da Silva before explaining that women aren't primarily choosing their partners based on beauty (they're choosing their mates based on other characteristics) whereas men choose genetic success based on looks.

Instant Wrinkle Formula:
Women have always been more aware of their appearance, which is one of the main reasons why beauty house, Beauté de Paris, has developed a product that has been shown to lessen the appearance of wrinkles quickly - Rapidé Resplendé. Independent AMA clinical tests showed participants experienced an average 55% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in minutes and an overall 120% increase in hydration around the eyes.

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Beauté de Paris is a beauty product company that caters to both women and men, currently offering products that promote the appearance of longer eyelashes, the look of thicker eyebrows, reduce the look of dark eye circles and creams for diminished appearance of wrinkles. Visit their website at www.beautedeparis.fr.

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