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Dallas, Texas Employment Law Lawyer Explains How to Investigate Employee Complaints

/ 03/02/2012

Unfortunately, almost every employer will face discrimination or harassment complaints at some point. How an employer investigates these complaints may protect the employer from expensive lawsuits, according to Dallas employment law lawyer Keith Clouse.


As an initial matter, an employer should establish a reporting procedure so that employees know how and to whom to report complaints. This procedure should require an employee to describe the situation in writing with as much detail as possible.


After receiving a complaint, an employer should respond immediately. The employer should begin the investigation by interviewing the employee who made the complaint. The interviewer should treat this employee with respect and should take the employee’s allegations seriously. Then, the employer should gather documentary evidence and speak to other witnesses and the alleged perpetrator. The interviewer should take detailed notes and save copies of all documentary evidence. Shortly after concluding the investigation, the employer should decide if discipline is warranted and act accordingly.


If at any point, the investigation appears too difficult for the employer to resolve internally, the employer should contact employment law counsel for advice. To speak to Mr. Clouse or to another Dallas, Texas employment law attorney about a workplace investigation, please contact the employment lawyers at Clouse Dunn LLP via email at or telephone at 214 220 3888. 


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