First WordPress Popup Plugin Software With a Real Drag-and-Drop Editor Unveiled

/ Marketing Online Workshop introduces the very 1st WordPress popup plugin that utilizes a real drag-and-drop editor for creating popus, sidebar widgets, banner ads and slide-ins, along with a host of premium features and conversion-boosting elements. And for a limited time only... the single site license is FREE!

Marketing Online Workshop, a developer of premium WordPress plugin software, today announces the release of MOW POP Marketing Suite, the first WordPress popup plugin that has a real drag-and-drop editor. Plus it includes an entire suite of marketing tools for increasing conversions.

The drag-and-drop editor is a simple online interface in the back-end of WordPress that allows users to create professional, unique popups, slide-ins, footer ads, and even sidebar widgets by literally moving elements around on the screen.

After the creation is done, the ad can be saved and activated, saved for later editing, and even copied to enable split-testing of specific, unique elements.

Marketing Online Workshop utilized focus groups, as well as live testing on client websites in an effort to develop features in MOW POP Marketing Suite that online marketers were really craving.

"We listened to our market and our customers told us EXACTLY what they wanted in a popup plugin software, and I don't think MOW POP leaves anything out," say Evan Mugford, one of Marketing Online Workshop's co-founders.

MOW POP Marketing Suite comes with close to 2000 pre-loaded graphics and includes the ability to import graphics as well. The drag-and-drop editor allows users to size their popups and other ads by clicking and dragging the edges to easily resize or change positioning.

Other features of MOW POP include:
- Unlimited media (popups, slide-ins, sidebar widgets, banner ads) on an unlimited amount of pages
-'Baked-in' analytics for conversion-tracking
-Ability to put media in rotation for ultimate testing
-Capacity to accept audio and video
-Tool for importing auto-responder company form code
-Java script import function
-Ability to program specific media on specific pages
-Manage media screen for keeping track of creations and results

MOW POP Marketing Suite is available as a single-site license, a multi-site license, and as a developer's license.

For a limited time only... the single site license is absolutely FREE.

Also, Marketing Online Workshop is running a promotion that includes the developer's license with the multi-site license.

MOW POP Marketing Suite works only with as a software plugin for WordPress sites.

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Besides writing premium WordPress plugins, Marketing Online Workshop teaches small businesses and entrepreneurs how to market online. They offer both basic and advanced courses that help marketers learn how to market their products, services, and ideas online. The basic membership to Marketing Online Workshop is free.

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