TSI Announces New Remote Particle Counters With 4-20 mA Analog Outputs

AEROTRAK™ Remote Particle Counters Are Easy to Install, Configure and Integrate into Existing Computer Systems

/EINPresswire.com/ Shoreview, MN - TSI Incorporated is pleased to announce a new range of Remote Particle Counters with 4-20 mA Analog Outputs. The AEROTRAK™ Remote Particle Counters with 2-Channel 4-20 mA are ideal for those who want to utilize an existing computer system, as they are easy to install, configure and integrate.

Once wired, users can select either Log or Linear 4-20 mA output signals. Two of the four standard supplied size channels are configured for the outputs. A third 4-20 mA output provides laser status and flow information. Each Remote Particle Counter with Analog Output includes an alarm relay that can be wired directly into a PLC. The TSI AEROTRAK Remote Particle Counters with Analog Outputs are a great choice to tie directly into a Building Management System (BMS) or into a PLC.

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TSI Incorporated

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