TurboGSA releases The GSA Schedule Game - 2012

/EINPresswire.com/ The GSA Schedule Game, by TurboGSA, provides useful tips for firms that are considering getting a GSA schedule contract. Free download of board game available.

Many people have spent a lot of time in the past few weeks playing games with children or grandchildren, while others who are kids at heart and received some of their own games during the holidays. Many of these games were probably electronic PlayStation, Xbox or Wii games. But what about the good old fashioned board games.

Well, here's a board game for firms that are ready to get down to the essential game of getting a GSA schedule contract in 2012. TurboGSA has released "The GSA Schedule Game," which is downloadable from TurboGSA. And while it is not an electronic game, it does have many links to useful resources on the web. Just scroll over the different squares and uncover useful links.

The GSA Schedule Game is a lighthearted look at the steps needed to obtain a GSA contract and gain some traction in the Federal market. Starting in the lower left corner, a vendor begins its journey by receiving some free training about GSA Schedules, registering at various government web sites like CCR and ORCA, and reviewing criteria to see if a GSA contract makes sense for the firm. Once a firm decides a GSA Schedule makes sense, it turns the corner and begins preparing its GSA proposal. Preparing a GSA proposal can be complex, but the game provides several ideas for a firm's consideration.

The games also point out some of the pitfalls likely to be encountered. For example, if a firm's pricing proposal is incomplete, or if it did not pay attention to trade agreement act restrictions, the firm risks rejection and moving back 12 spaces. The game concludes by identifying some of the basic steps to take after a firm is awarded a GSA contract number.

The GSA Schedule Game was prepared by TurboGSA, a premier GSA Schedule services firm for many years. It is intended to provide some useful tips for firms that are considering getting a GSA schedule contract. It is by no means exhaustive in portraying all the actions a firm must take to obtain a GSA contract, nor all the potential pitfalls, but hopefully it will be helpful to a vendor in understanding some of the key steps in its journey to obtain a GSA Schedule contract.

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TurboGSA is a GSA Schedule services firm and marketing agency that helps firms transform their business by providing rock solid advice and delivering exceptional services. TurboGSA helps firms obtain GSA contracts that open the doors to federal sales, and implement smart inbound marketing strategies that dramatically increase a firm's presence in the Federal market and generate federal leads.

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