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Drum lessons website, has released a new series of "learn to play drums" videos aimed at beginning and basic drummers.

/ New drumming lessons website, has just released a new series of "learn to play drums" videos aimed at beginning and basic drummers. The video series starts with what creator Chris Atchley calls, "The Money Beat," and progresses through various aspects of drumming and drum equipment as the videos progress. Currently, "The Money Beat" is available to all drummers at while future videos will be released only to drummers who sign up for them with an email address.

According to the website's founder, Chris Atchley, "The Money Beat is named that because when I was growing up learning to play, I wanted to play a million notes in every song. But that's not what the producers wanted. When I needed to get paid, this was what I played and it always worked."

He continues, "This beat is so simple that I've had 8 year old students learn it in their first lesson. I know that anyone can do it. And I've finally got it down to a science so that I can teach it online to anyone who wants to spend a little bit of time to learn it."

As Atchley private student body increased, "I found that as I was doing more drum lessons, and especially more basic drum lessons, there was a real need to showcase this fundamental approach. This is where my Build From The Bottom Up Method was born as well."

Atchley then founded in 2010 to provide high quality drum lessons and training materials for drummers of all levels and styles. Anyone wanting to learn to play drums should visit for more information and to sign up for their free drum lesson series.

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Chris Atchley is a touring drummer, teacher, and clinician that is looking to share his experience with drummers all over the world. His lessons are aimed at all levels and styles.

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