Healthybizhealthyhome Debuts Website Selling Water, Shower, And Air Filtration Products

/ Healthybizhealthyhome (HBHH) is now selling top of the line water filters and shower filters from Water Chef, Sprite Industries, and Rainshow'r Manufacturing. They recently expanded their line to include air filtration from Austinair. "Consuming and showering in clean, safe water, and breathing clean, allergen and dust free air is the starting point for good health", says Noah Minard. A commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, selling only high quality products, and highly competitive pricing has led to steady growth and an exciting outlook for HBHH.

Healthybizhealthyhome (HBHH) is now offering shower filters and Gard'n Grow dechlorinators by Rainshow'r. Their shower filters are all WQA Gold Seal Certified, and address chlorine, bad taste and odor. The Gard'n Grow dechlorinators can be used for gardens, flower beds, or hydroponic systems. Also, HBHH offers a large selection of Sprite shower filters which include both low profile and high output systems. Healthybizhealthyhome is a proud purveyor of counter top and under sink water filters from Water Chef water filters which feature ease of installation, use, and filter change, as well as ergonomics, appearance, and LED indicators for filter change. Breathing clean allergen and dust free air can improve breathing and reduce allergic reactions. Healthybizhealthyhome chose Austinair air filtration systems which can be used at home or in the office. These systems are great looking, well built and highly functional. They are manufactured completely in house and offer a great warranty. Whether it involves clean water or clean air, HBHH wants to provide health related products at competitive pricing. They also offer excellent customer service and satisfaction.

About [Healthybizhealthyhome]
Noah Minard and Jamie Marvel are the proud owners of HBHH. Noah has a BA degree and has been in the water and air filtration industry for 10 years. Jamie has a MS degree in environmental science and has worked at the State and Federal level conducting research and consulting on water quality issues.
Heathybizhealthyhome opened for business on February 15, 2011 with their ultimate goal of becoming a leading competitor in the retail "green arena" by providing products that will improve health, well being, and ultimately save money. Courteous and timely customer service and satisfaction is their primary goal. They will be adding product lines from various product categories as they continue to grow. They plan to be a leader in providing high quality, functional, useful products with accurate and complete product information. Healthybizhealthyhome is excited about their learning center where they are providing an environment for learning about general and specific topics including water, food and drink, shower and bathing, conservation, healthier home environment, how to information, and general health topics - information relevant to a healthier planet, a healthier future, a healthier "you"!

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