Passenger Brake Announces The Launch Of Special Pricing On New TEENSAFE™ Program

/ Prepare Teens for Graduated Driver Licensing with Discounted Passenger Brake Equipment from Passenger Brake. Special pricing is currently offered online.

Passenger Brake announces the launch of special pricing on a passenger side brake designed for parental or guardian use when a teen is learning to drive. The TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake Program can currently be purchased for $259. A continuing monthly rental/leasing fee is offered at $49.

The passenger brake pedal is installed in the family vehicle temporarily until the teenager has satisfied residential state GDL (graduated driver licensing) requirements. "In the past, only driving instructors were able to have complete supervision over a teen's driving activity," says John Skorupa, representative for Passenger Brake. "Now parents can teach their teens with a greater peace of mind, knowing they have more control in preventing a possible accident with the use of the passenger brake pedal."

The passenger side brake is an easy-to-use piece of equipment that can be installed in about an hour. It only takes 20 minutes to remove and also has a childproof locking pin that prohibits use when instruction isn't taking place.

The TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake Program is comprehensive to ensure parents and guardians have all the proper tools needed to help their teens obtain graduated driver licensing. The program includes an instruction manual by Dr. Charles McDaniel, a well-known expert in teaching teens to drive. Passenger Brake also gives program participants an additional rearview mirror to enhance safety features during driving lessons.

Additional services include weekly check-ins from Passenger Brake via email to see how the program is working out. Passenger Brake provides suggestions and tips to help the teaching process go as smoothly as possible.

"The TEENSAFE™ Passenger Brake Program makes it easier for parents to assist teenagers with learning to drive and it lets the teen know their parent is there to help," continues Skorupa. "Parents are able to spend more time educating their teens on driving practices because they have the right tools to use when they need them."

The Passenger Brake online site offers a wide range of educational tools for parents and guardians who are helping their teens obtain graduated driver licensing. A "Parent Tips" section offers a variety of suggestions that can help make the training process safer.

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About Passenger Brake:
Passenger Brake is a new product that offers parents and guardians a safer way to assist teens with their driving instruction. A passenger side brake gives the parent or guardian control during educational driving instruction and provides a safer driving experience.

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