DUI Attorney Nick Alcock Offers New Informational Hotline

/EINPresswire.com/ DUI attorney Nick Alcock, the owner of the Law Offices of Alcock and Associates, offers a new informational hotline for people charged with drunk driving offenses in Arizona.

Thousands of people were arrested for a DUI in Arizona over the 2011 holiday season. DUI attorney Nick Alcock knows that people who face DUI charges oftentimes have a great deal of confusion about how the system works and what to expect in court. Because of this, the Phoenix law firm now offers a free informational hotline to answer questions people have over the phone.

He says, "People call me before their first date at the City of Phoenix Municipal Court worried about being arrested and hauled off to jail in the courtroom. I talk to others who are convinced that they are going to go to prison for years for a first offense misdemeanor DUI. After I speak with them, these individuals are relieved to find out that they were mistaken."

For people arrested for misdemeanor DUI in Arizona, the court system is normally fairly accommodating. The court will usually set a number of dates to allow defendants to look at evidence and consider their options. Furthermore, most municipal court judges will allow a person plenty of time to find a private attorney.

States DUI lawyer Alcock, "People facing DUI charges panic sometimes because they feel like their backs are against the wall. In actuality, the first court date is usually just a time to enter a plea of not guilty and reset their case for a pretrial conference in about a month. Should the case go to trial, it typically takes four to six months."

Furthermore, cases heard in justice courts or city courts are not felonies. Misdemeanor DUIs are punished by jail time and not prison time. Virtually everyone is given the ability to be released six days a week for 12 hours a day so that they can work or attend school.

Alcock mentions that he often listens to people who have grave concerns about the safety of the jail system. "In my years as a DUI attorney, I haven't heard of many complaints about safety in tent city for DUI cases. Of course I hear about the heat, the food and the conditions of the facility. But what happens in the movies doesn't happen for people convicted of DUI. People show up, wear their own clothes, read a book and wait to be released for work."

This isn't to say that misdemeanor DUI convictions aren't serious. A DUI conviction can cause a major life disruption. For some teachers, government officials and commercial drivers it can mean the end of a career. But in general, attorney Alcock sees that people are afraid of myths and misinformation.

He notes, "I will always take the time to speak with someone and make sure that they have all the information that they need. It's perfectly O.K. to be worried about going to court, but people need the facts about DUI and know what you really are facing."

About Alcock and Associates Law Firm
Alcock and Associates Law Firm is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The firm handles DUI and criminal defense matters throughout Arizona. Their informational hotline is 602-989-5000. Callers can call this number and ask to speak with attorney Stacey Feldman. Ms. Feldman is a former DUI prosecutor who offers a free informational consultation.

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