360 Diversity is Backing the Decision to Legalise Same Sex Marriage in Scotland

/EINPresswire.com/ The Scottish Government is currently considering a move to legalise gay marriage

360 diversity is encouraged by progress which is being made to the same sex marriage law in Scotland. After much opposition from religious groups, it is on the cards that gay marriage will be legalised in Scotland and in the future in England as well. Currently, same sex couples can only be joined in a civil partnership, which is also the case in England. The decision to change the law is currently being considered by the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government is being urged to move forward with the change in the law by gay rights campaigners who claim the law as it stands is discriminatory. The law states that only heterosexual couples are permitted to get married, while same sex couples are limited to civil partnerships.

Civil partnerships entitle couples to the same legal rights as those who are married, although their union cannot be referred to as marriage. As equality and diversity in the workplace becomes more prevalent, equal rights in other areas of society seems to have fallen behind. 360 diversity believes that the change in gay marriage law is long overdue.

Stuart Bray, 360 diversity Business Development Manager, adds "360 diversity is encouraged to see that such great progress is being made within Scotland. Perhaps if Scotland reaches marriage equality before the rest of the UK, they may become a driving force for action for gay marriage equality elsewhere in the UK."

The change in the law has been surrounded by controversy after a petition organised by the website 'Scotland for Marriage', a coalition which includes the Catholic Church created to oppose the law change, was found to have names on it from people who had not agreed to support to the notion. Ministers have been asked not to acknowledge the online petition due its "apparent fraudulent nature".

There are fears from some churches that if the law is passed and gay marriage ceremonies are permitted in churches there could be repercussions if any churches refused to comply. It may be that a compromise is reached whereby gay marriage is legalised but ceremonies are not permitted in churches.

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