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Heil Trailer Unveils Advanced Fleet Management System; TANK Ai

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Heil Trailer Logo

Heil TANk AI

Heil TANk AI

Heil Trailer is Revolutionizing Fleet Operations with Cutting-Edge Technology.

ATHENS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2024 / -- Heil Trailer is at the forefront of advancing the tank trailer industry, introducing a suite of intelligent tank technologies now available to seamlessly integrate into Heil trailers. Among these innovations is TANK Ai, a cutting-edge fleet management system that revolutionizes the way fleets operate.

Redefining Safety and Efficiency in Tank Trailer Technology

Heil Trailer's advanced fleet management system introduces a paradigm shift in the tank trailer industry, setting a new standard for safety and efficiency. Seamlessly integrating intelligent tank technologies into Heil trailers empowers fleet owners and operators to optimize hauling performance like never before.

Prioritizing Safety and Reliability

From rearview camera views to ABS fault notification and brake pressure monitoring, Heil Trailer's TANK Ai system prioritizes safety and reliability. These advanced features ensure regulatory compliance and enhance the trailer's longevity, while providing comprehensive awareness of the vehicle's surroundings and maximizing operational efficiency.

Key Features of Heil Trailer’s Advanced Fleet Management

Tire Wear Reduction
The system features automated tire inflation/deflation and tire pressure monitoring, allowing real-time adjustments that significantly increase tire life. Instant notifications and autonomous corrections ensure optimal tire pressure, enhancing efficiency.

AirBoxOne™: The Central Command Hub
The TANK Ai system is powered by Drōv. AirBoxOne serves as the central command hub, managing the flow of essential operational and safety information directly from the vehicle to the fleet manager and driver.

Cloud Communications
Alerts and real-time updates on trailer status, location, and more are transmitted via secure cloud communications. Drivers are notified through a mobile app whenever system alerts are triggered.

Solar Panel Power Recharging
A backup energy source provides notifications to drivers and fleet managers when the solar panels are actively recharging the backup battery.

Empowering Fleet Owners and Operators

With TANK Ai, Heil Trailer empowers fleet owners and operators to optimize hauling performance like never before. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, TANK Ai enhances load security, operational efficiency, and safety, putting fleet managers firmly in control of their operations. This transformative system marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of fleet management, offering a comprehensive suite of intelligent features designed to streamline operations and maximize productivity.

TANK Ai Benefits for Fleets and Drivers

For Fleet Managers:
TANK Ai enhances fleet management by increasing driver accountability and record accuracy, while also improving safety and uptime through proactive maintenance measures. Its streamlined approach consolidates data into a single device, reducing paperwork and staffing requirements while ensuring load security through meticulous checks on loading/unloading processes.

For Drivers:
With TANK Ai, drivers experience heightened safety and security through proactive maintenance features and improved visibility around the trailer. The system enables more accurate monitoring of load integrity, enhancing overall safety on the road. Additionally, TANK Ai simplifies administrative tasks, contributing to enhanced record accuracy and empowering drivers to focus on delivering excellence.

Heil Trailer's advanced fleet management system represents a significant advancement in fleet technology, offering transformative solutions that address long-standing industry challenges. By enhancing operational efficiency and safety, this system sets a new benchmark for fleet management.

About Heil Trailer
Heil Trailer is a global manufacturer of specialty transport trailers, including petroleum, dry bulk, stainless, crude and asphalt trailers. An iconic brand with over 120 years of enduring performance, Heil Trailer exceeds industry expectations with premium trailers that are delivered on time and provide the highest quality, longevity and resale value. They are engineered to meet the most stringent region- and load-specific requirements in 85 countries around the globe. With the support of an experienced, nationwide dealer network, expert team and industry-leading support, Heil Trailer has built strong relationships that keep customers asking for the brand time and again.

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