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GreenMark Announces Strategic Partnership with Dentulu to Revolutionize Preventive Dental Care

Dentulu-GreenMark Biomedical Partnership

CrystLCare™ Biorestorative, Fluoride-Free 14-dose fliptop pack

GreenMark Biomedical, a pioneer in biomimetic nanotechnology, announces strategic partnership with Dentulu, a leader in online preventative dental solutions.

Combining our expertise in preventative dentistry using Teledentists along with GreenMark’s innovative products sets new standards in noninvasive dental care with accessible and affordable solutions.”
— Dr. Arash Hakhamian, DDS, co-founder and CEO of Dentulu, Inc.
ANN ARBOR, MI, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2024 / -- GreenMark Biomedical Inc., a pioneer in leveraging biomimetic nanotechnology for dental health innovations, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Dentulu, Inc., the leader in online preventative dental solutions. This partnership heralds the introduction of a first product, CrystLCare™ Biorestorative, Fluoride-Free, in a GreenMark-Dentulu co-branded product line, providing groundbreaking solutions designed to combat dental sensitivity and promote dental health using advanced nanotechnology.

Expanding Reach and Enhancing Accessibility. “This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our mission to make preventative and noninvasive dental care more accessible and effective,” said Dr. Arash Hakhamian, co-founder and CEO of Dentulu, adding that “Combining our expertise in preventative dentistry using Teledentists along with GreenMark’s innovative products sets new standards in noninvasive dental care with accessible and affordable solutions.”

“This non-exclusive Dentulu partnership broadens the reach of our technologies and supports our vision of integrating scientific advancements directly into consumer and professional dental care, to make them accessible to a wider audience in the US market, followed by Canada and the rest of the world,” said Dr. Steven Bloembergen, Ph.D., founder, Chairman and CEO of GreenMark.

Revolutionizing Dental Care with Guided Biomimetic Nanotechnology. GreenMark is dedicated to transforming dental care through scientific innovation and technological excellence. The company's patented nanotechnology, derived from Nature, is at the core of the new CrystLCare™ dissolvable dental strips, which utilize bioresorbable nano-starch particles to deliver calcium and phosphate by targeting delivery precisely to sites where needed. There they form hydroxyapatite, the main component of enamel and dentin, aiding in the natural repair process of these dental tissues. The technology not only provides rapid sensitivity relief but also enhances the long-term health of patients' teeth.

Dental sensitivity occurs when the outermost protective layers of teeth, enamel or cementum, are lost or damaged, often due to receding gums, acid exposure, or other causes. This exposes dentinal tubules and stimuli such as temperature or pressure, which are then transmitted within the tubules to affect the nerves, causing pain. Sensitivity can also occur with tooth whitening, periodontal treatment, placement of restorations, or other dental procedures.

CrystLCare™ dental strips were designed to provide immediate, long-lasting, and “on-the-go” dental sensitivity relief. Independent third-party testing has shown the dissolvable strips are effective for treatment of this indication. Through their targeted delivery of minerals to form hydroxyapatite, the strips also support tooth remineralization. Cavities form when demineralization exceeds remineralization and shifting this balance favors prevention of cavities.

Extended Applications and Availability. The CrystLCare™ dissolvable dental strips are recommended for use in various clinical scenarios, including before and after teeth whitening procedures, to address sensitivity caused by receding gums, following scaling and root planing, and other types of dentinal sensitivity experienced by millions of patients nationwide. Available online and through participating dental offices, these strips offer a practical solution for managing dentinal sensitivity across the nation.

For more information on CrystLCare™ Biorestorative strips and related noninvasive products, visit the websites of Dentulu and GreenMark at and

About GreenMark Biomedical Inc.
GreenMark is developing a systems approach for treatment of dental sensitivity and management of caries (dental decay), with its patented products that involve sub-micron particles produced from food-grade starch, an ideal carrier since enzymes in saliva degrade starch. Dental sensitivity affects up to 74% of Americans, and caries is the most prevalent chronic disease in the world, affecting more than 95% of Americans over their lifetimes. GreenMark’s team has demonstrated the ability to load calcium and phosphate, essential mineral components of dentin and enamel, inside its small starch particles, and has been developing treatment products designed to target and restore minerals to the teeth. The company recently launched “CrystLCare™ Biorestorative, Fluoride-Free”, the first in a line of fluoride-free and fluoride-containing products. GreenMark also developed methods to identify, better assess and monitor caries disease in its earliest stages, before it’s detected on X-Ray. The company’s LumiCare™ Caries Detection Rinse and half-dose LumiKids™ Rinse for ages 6 to 11, contain fluorescent-labeled particles that target the porous subsurface of caries lesions in enamel and illuminate them using a dental curing light, thereby aiding in their visualization. The identification at early stages before a cavity forms, allows the use of preventive non-surgical management options, resulting in less discomfort and improved long-term oral health outcomes for patients. Visit

About Dentulu, Inc.
Dentulu is the leading provider of virtual and Teledentistry solutions, offering innovative services that make dental care accessible to everyone under the supervision of licensed Dentists. Dentulu’s platform facilitates a wide range of dental services directly to homes and workplaces, transforming the way dental care is delivered. Dentulu’s focus is on providing minimally invasive, preventative dental services to millions of patients nationwide utilizing its growing network of Teledentists. Visit .

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